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Do you remember those short teasers over the summer? A dog barks, follows a scent down the sidewalk, and that's IT. Not much to talk about. That's all we got for a few months from the team over at FX. Now that the pilot has aired, we have a whole lot more to talk about now.

Initially, I had assumed that the opening scene of American Crime Story may be a dramatization of the famous chase, as OJ Simpson attempted to evade the LAPD, the whole thing on camera. Instead, we witnessed real footage of multiple riots throughout the city, in the early 90's. This painted a picture, clear as day, that the topics of race and police brutality were more apparent then ever. This set the stage so much better then I could have imagined. The impact of such videos really sets the tone of what the show will deliver, between Simpson's handling by the LAPD at the time and the crime itself.


The footage above is of Rodney King, a victim of police brutality. Viewers discretion advised.

The cast is set up wonderfully as well. Each of the primary players in this case given a scene to set up who they are, what they do, and how their character may play a role in the series.

Sarah Paulson as Marcia Clark
Sarah Paulson as Marcia Clark

In all honesty, I was not so much on the hype-train for another performance by Sarah Paulson. I did enjoy her in the second season of American Horror Story, however she does seem to fit better in this role as opposed to her most recent ones. It seems to be more her speed. Paulson delivers as a strong willed yet vulnerable attorney, which basically hits the nail on the head by Marcia Clark standards.

I was also very impressed by John Travolta, who plays the wise yet flamboyant David Shapiro. It is also nice to see Courtney B. Vance in fitting role, David Schwimmer's endearing Robert Kardashian and of course, OJ himself.

Paulson, Gooding Jr. and Travolta in there roles
Paulson, Gooding Jr. and Travolta in there roles

Cuba Gooding Jr. is back at it! Although he may have 'fallen off' for a bit, the 48 year old actor is portraying a role that he seems to have mastered. I was never the biggest fan of his (there was not much to go off of!) although his role in Jerry Maguire is seriously something special. My best guess as to what the producers of this FX Original had to say after seeing the pilot episode; SHOW ME THE MONEY! The drama, the emotion, the narcissism. Gooding Jr. has captured it all so well, pulling a case that took place over 20 years ago back to life.

Now, we all know what happens at the end, but I sure am excited to learn the small facts that the public were unaware of at the time. Can this get a crazy following just as Netflix's To Make Murderer has? I believe so.



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