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Is for every author of every published fan theory to come back after their theory is deemed wrong to apologize Last I read the cast was doing reshoots. What makes sense to me is that the reshoots will involve Spider-Man. I don't think he will be heavily involved in the plot. There has been too much shot already. Then again we already know that this story line will not follow the comics. Nothing having to do with the unmasking I think we will see about a rumored super vigilante. & ms he will be incorporated into the tail end of the movie It took months of negotiations just to get Spider-Man. No way will they allow the use of the villains too. That's not. Theory. That's a dream Peter Parker looking up to tony would make sense & bs further tie him in more with the Andrew portrayal as a young genius Then the betrayed by tony & his bugged new suit Again. I see this as Peter on the sidelines until the very end. Then maybe. Just maybe we'll see them mention that spider is being stalked by some nameless big game hunter in the after credits

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