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If you are a fan of good television, this should get you pretty stoked. Marvel and Netflix have collaborated on two hits already in Daredevil and Jessica Jones with Luke Cage and The Defenders on the horizon.

The two aforementioned series weren't necessarily a sure thing in the eyes of some programming "experts," but they've successfully proven to garner big-time viewership within one of the top streaming services' lineups. They know what they've got in these shows and are getting even more opportunities (and money) to get them done right.

Well, if you are already ready to binge on Daredevil Season 2, here's a teaser image of sorts that will get make you wish it was already March 18th (the date that the show is back on Netflix).

Matt Murdock's broken glasses offer a grim look at what's to come, but in the eyes of Marvel (and Netflix for that matter), the future is actually looking pretty bright.

I predict we will no longer think of periods of time by seasons. Rather than Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall we will have Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and The Defenders. That will be how we divide time. My bold prediction!

What do you think? Ready for the next binge-season?

(Source: Netflix Italia)


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