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For months, fans have hoped for and speculated over the possibility of a Supergirl and The Flash crossover. Both respective characters and worlds would indeed mesh so well. Furthermore, they both have the same production team (headed by Greg Berlanti) behind them. But alas, there was always the potential roadblock of both shows airing on different networks with The Flash airing on The CW and Supergirl airing on CBS.


Well, the fans still pleaded and pushed and today is the day we have all waited for, because the executive producers of both shows have officially confirmed that The Flash and Supergirl will finally meet in an inter-network crossover event later this year!

FLASH a smile!
FLASH a smile!

Here is everything important that you need to know about this momentous comic book occasion! First of all, the announcement was made by both Greg Berlanti and Andrew Kreisberg who dropped the bombshell earlier when they revealed:

We are so incredibly excited to announce something that we have dreamed of happening since we starting making Supergirl – The Flash and Supergirl are teaming up! We want to thank Grant Gustin for making the time to come visit (on top of his already immense workload) and all of the folks at CBS, The CW, Warner Bros. and DC for working this out. And finally thanks to the fans and journalists who have kept asking for this to happen. It is our pleasure and hope to create an episode worthy of everyone's enthusiasm and support.

Since the announcement, some details have been released. We now know that Grant Gustin (Barry Allen/The Flash) will travel to National City on the March 28th episode of Supergirl. Why he makes the journey, we have no idea yet. But that will all come in good time. Gustin followed the announcement up with a celebratory tweet:

Moreover, we now know that the episode will be titled 'World's Finest' thanks to Gustin Instagramming an image of the crossover script. The importance that those two words hold for a DC fan is unquestionable. Much like they did in 2014 for the first annual Flash/Arrow crossover which was titled 'The Brave and the Bold', the team have gone back to their DC comic book well to come up with an instantly recognizable title for this crossover.

World's Finest was the name of a comic book series that DC ran back in 1941 all the way up to 1986, mainly featuring Batman and Superman. The title is thus synonymous with Batman/Superman crossovers but it stems from the fact that the initial comic book saga always featured two renowned heroes in each issue. Thus, the title fits perfectly for The Flash/Supergirl crossover.

Why the Flash will travel to National City remains a mystery that raises so many questions and possibilities. Perhaps the biggest possibility about this announcement is that it officially welcomes Supergirl into DC's "Flarrowverse", thus it exists in the same universe as: Arrow, Legends of Tomorrow, Constantine and obviously The Flash. This revelation is something that fans have been yearning for.

The allusions to Superman in Supergirl had many believing that The Flash and Arrow couldn't be basically starting their crime-fighting careers in the same universe in which Superman is already a well-established hero if we hadn't heard before. But thankfully, today's revelation has proved to us that the Flarrowverse is a lot bigger than we thought. And now that the door to this universe has been opened, the possibilities as to what else or who else could crossover on either shows are endless! But that's thinking too far ahead in the future. The simple confirmation that some of our favorite shows on TV exist in the same universe is enough to make us excited for this crossover.

Seeing Grant Gustin and Melissa Benoist act alongside each other as their heroic counterparts will be an incredible sight. The tow guest-starred in the same episode of Glee but never interacted. They have since appeared on the cover of Variety magazine in costume together alongside producer Greg Berlanti. Based on their personalities, it's already a given that Barry and Kara will have amazing chemistry together and that most certainly be a treat to see. Additionally, it will be interesting to see how other character's react to The Flash's presence in National City, specifically James Olsen, Winn or even the almighty Cat Grant. One exciting prospect is the possibility of the Flash interacting with the DEO and more importantly, J'onn J'onzz (Martian Manhunter). Could you imagine the sight: The Flash teaming up with Supergirl and Martian Manhunter. That would be like a mini Justice League right there!

Martian Manhunter
Martian Manhunter

Just as we manage to come down from the excitement of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice on March 25th, three days later we will see another iconic team up when The Flash and Supergirl will unite for the first time ever! Right now, we'll just have to wait and see what happens when The Scarlet Speedster arrives in National City. But one thing is for sure: it will be an unmissable event for fans of either show!

Supergirl/The Flash Crossover will air on CBS on Monday March 28th!


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