ByRichard Uberton, writer at

Recently, the people behind marvel have announced they are looking at 67 characters to appear in Avengers: Infinity War. How will this work? My assumption is that it will also include characters who were previously villains. And if this is true, they need to have someone to lead them.

My suggestion is to use Norman Osborn to unite them. After Spider-Man(2017) and it's likely but unannounced sequel, he probably would have at least had a cameo. And with the Sinister Six movie apparently being retooled, elements of it can appear in part one, the movie can come out after that, and they can defend Earth in part two while the heroes stop Thanos.

This can lead to a gradual shift in power toward Norman Osborn. And with that, Marvel can start to adapt the "Dark Reign" storyline. Throughout the Phase Four movies, he can increase his power, recruit villains, and even confront heroes as a secondary antagonist who is untouchable because of his connections. And by the end of the phase, he will be ready for an epic showdown with our heroes.

Besides creating a conflict to rally the movies around after the "Infinity Stones" no longer matter, this will also lead to another Avengers movie for the fans to enjoy. It could also give Spider-Man a reason to team up with the Avengers, and since Osborn is centered in New York it can also be the point the Netflix characters enter into the movies.

What is your opinion? Would you like to see this storyline adapted? Leave your comment below!


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