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It's just like the writers of

to add new characters on the spot. From innocent little Elena and mysterious jet setter, Dam

on to murderous Kai and the family Lily's always wanted. But who really are these new characters and what's their purpose?


You may be asking yourself, who is this Ivy chick? Well she is the new girlfriend that Stefan gets in order to start over and live in a Damon-free world. I know what you're thinking, it's too sad for our hearts to handle and who would want to live in a world without Damon? Granted, Enzo kills her in order to turn her into a vampire, but still...


Liam is the hot new classmate of Elena. He studies pre-med alongside Elena at Whitmore College. Elena gets a crush on him after her memories of Damon are erased and she even starts dating him. She brings him over for a lovely Thanksgiving dinner, learns about vampires, gets compelled to forget vampires, breaks up with Elena, is a pawn in Caroline's humanity-free life and is asked to perform heart surgery. Then we kind of never hear from him again. Weird, right?


Kai is a major character in Season 6. He is first introduced in the magical alternate universe where Damon and Bonnie find themselves. He is a witch but not a 'Bonnie witch'. He can use magic only when he siphons it out of a magical creature (i.e Bonnie). He knows how to get out of the prison world that was made for him, and does so with the help of Bonnie.

Kai becomes the leader of the Gemini coven by merging with Luke, his younger brother. He wins and is then the all-powerful one. However, he needed to merge with Jo in order to survive, so he does and is then fixed. He gets locked up back in another prison world for another character who needs to find a way out. Eventually, he escapes and then kills Jo and the rest of his family. He also linked Bonnie and Elena's life together, which made Elena go into a deep sleep, in which she can't wake up from unless Bonnie is dead. He dies by Damon ripping his head off but it's too late to reverse that spell.


Jo is a really important character because she is the new love interest for Alaric Saltzman. They meet at a Halloween gathering and they fall in love. She comes to know that Alaric and Elena are vampires. She's cool with it until she has to save Alaric's life before he gets killed by the magic boarder of Mystic Falls. He becomes human, and they celebrate.

In season 6 episode 15, she finds out she's pregnant and Alaric proposes - to which she says yes. She finds out she's having twins and makes Kai mad because twins are bad. See, in the Gemini coven, twins means the next line of power. If they merge on their 21st birthday, one twin will keep their powers and live while the other dies. Soon, her wedding day comes along and nothing can make her upset, until Kai kills the twins and then kills Jo, kills himself with vampire blood in his system to which he becomes a heretic and then gets killed for good by Damon.


Sarah is the only living descendant of Damon and Stefan Salvatore. Remember how Zach Salvatore was alive? Well, he had a child Stefan had been protecting ever since her birth. She lives in South Carolina and doesn't know about vampires until Stefan and Caroline pay her a visit. Enzo follows and captures her, bringing her into the mess of their lives. She is a pawn in a very confusing game. Remember Liam and his little surgery? Well, she was on the other end of the surgery because of Caroline. She ends up living and then disappears. Where you might ask? We don't know.


Lily is the mother of Stefan and Damon Salvatore. What? You may be asking. Well, she died, but she died with vampire blood in her system and got locked away in the prison world of 1903 - the one where Kai got trapped for a second time. She came back solely for the purpose of bringing back Stefan's humanity. Once it worked, she was free to do whatever her heart desires. Well she wanted her family that are still trapped inside of the 1903 prison world. She eventually gets them but that came with a price to pay.

Nora and Mary Louise

They are the first ever lesbian couple to appear on this show. They are one of the heretics that are part of Lily's family and they may look cold-hearted, but they are really sweet on the inside. They've been together for 133 years and is going on strong!


He doesn't speak.


He is the vampire lover of Lily Salvatore before she got sent to the prison world. He actually got trapped in the Phoenix Stone, but was brought out. He came back and wanted Lily and the heretics to be a family once again. He may look like a person that cares, but really he is selfish and manipulative. Stefan and Damon made Lily realize that he is not a good man. That is when she wanted to leave him.


She is another heretic that had a little affair with Stefan back in the 1800s. Turns out she was pregnant and wanted to be with him instead of with Lily. Julian didn't like this and he beat her till he killed her unborn baby. She came back after all this and helped Stefan and Caroline, which is how she found out that Alaric's twins with Jo were actually planted inside of Caroline's womb.

There you have it! These are just the characters that you may not have remembered. Whether or not there are more new people, we will just have to watch and see. I'm sure the writers will have no problem coming up with new and exciting characters.


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