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Hello everyone and today we will be counting down my top 10 versions of the caped crusader's suit. This list will include versions of batman that are outside of the main-stream continuity. This will also include versions from games, T.V. , and cartoons. Please remember to share and follow.


The Batman

the batman
the batman

To start our list we put batman from the animated series "The Batman" at number 10. this is one of many versions of batman that my generation grew up with. this version stuck with me. more or less this is on here because of sentimental appeal. but the tv show was great. it had the batman animated series feel but had a lighter kinda feel to it.


Gotham by Gaslight.

Gotham by Gaslight batman
Gotham by Gaslight batman

At number 9 its gotham by gaslight. this version gives us the feel of batman in the 1800's. No high tech gadgets. No batmobile. this was published in 1989 as a one-shot comic and later it spawned a sequel. this suit gives us a look at him in a world with a batman different than the one we know. I encourage reading.


Batman Beyond

beyond suit
beyond suit

At number 3 its the popular beyond suit. heres a rundown of this batman. terry mcguiness was an ordinary teenager living a normal life. then his father died. he helped bruce wayne out and eventually found out he was batman. terry then stole the suit to get revenge. bruce then took tery under his wing and trained him to become the new batman. this suit is hogh tech equipped with a batarang launcher a buch of vision filters and the ability to actually fly.



knightfall batsuit
knightfall batsuit

at number 2 its the knightfall batsuit. this version is jean-paul valley also known as Azrael. this version is often referred to a "Azbat". This suit has all the bells and whistles. this suit is equipped with batarang launchers among numerous ither gadgets. however this version quickly turnt really violent forcing bruce to become the bat once again. this was part of the knightfall story arch that first introduced bane.

And finally 1

Batman Arkham Knight

arkham knight batsuit
arkham knight batsuit

And finally at number 1, the arkham knight batsuit. this is from the final game In the arkham trilogy.this has I more high tech cowl and more armoring than the arkham city/ asylum suit. the cowl has a mechanized release sequence and the armor also has release mechanisms.

So that sums up my list of the top 5 batsuits.


What character should I do next?


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