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I love great characters, solid plots and an intriguing story line to pull me in. There's also nothing better than a visual medium that makes
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Apparently Zombies are like animals.

And apparently I'm already laughing at how dumb that is. Based on a book, World War Z has laughable moments, that surely makes it a good dramedy(drama + comedy). What's that? It wasn't supposed to be a dramedy? Well it is.

I'm sorry to say but most parts are laughable even the part where the guy slips, falls and kills himself, yeah, I'm pretty sure that was serious right. Heck, why even have him there if all he's doing is freeing a space so that Brad Pitt come in and do whatever Brad Pitt does right? Or what about his own family when he's all going heroic and shit, but unintentionally endangers them more because the government is fucked up and says that there's no need for them to be on board the ship that's saving their lives.

I mean I literally couldn't stop laughing at the scene where the zombies like "Yeah? You're Brad Pitt. Well, my contract says I can't eat you 'cause plot device I guess. Well, you have a nice day now. Bye." I mean how much more ham can you get. Yeah it's explained but doesn't make it any less stupid. I mean literally there's like a wall keeping them out are you serious.

They literally can climb out of there even if the military is there shooting at the zombies, surely some zombies made it out and were like, I'm free, I'm gonna eat some brains now. Right. And the ending is one of the most contrived I mean it's so predictable, that I have to roll my eyes at it. Heck this whole movie is predictable right down to it's environment which feels really familiar I just can't put my finger on it.

So, then why the 7.0 rating?. It's so fun to watch. I mean everything's dumb and unnecessary right down to locking doors with piles of chairs, really guys? Isn't there another way in. What if one zombie suddenly was like you know what, I bet if I go the other way, I'd be able to reach them. But it's still quite laughably enjoyable even if some may take it serious and went on philosophical I mean I remember I did, but it was still a fun ride. It was kinda annoying to see Brad Pitt stroke his own ego and his kids forgotten faster than you can say what the hell is happening. But all in all it's a enjoyable laugh. I thought it would be scarier but c'mon zombies avoiding you just because you have a disease, I'm pretty sure all zombies care about is brains, and technically your brain doesn't get sick. So that premise is already flawed.

But if you like Brad Pitt and you wanna have a laugh, then watch this movie. But if you like zombies, then don't watch it because, I'm pretty sure that the walking dead is so much better than this dramedy.


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