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Everybody needs a best friend. Whether you met your partner-in-crime when you were in kindergarten or only came into each others lives recently, somehow you just know you'll stay friends for life. Below are some of the most iconic television friendships that deserve some extra special attention on today, June 8, National Best Friends Day. Although really, when you're with your BFF, isn't every day National Best Friends Day? Now, read this list and then go pick up the phone to call the Joey to your Chandler, the Rachel to your Monica, the Patrick to your Spongebob, or whatever dynamic duo you most identify with.

1. Joey and Chandler

Everyone needs a best friend like Joey Tribbiani and Chandler Bing. You can both conquer anything and everything with each other by your side. You make each other laugh and you're not embarrassed to be seen by one another. You'd do anything together and nothing can break you two apart.

2. Blair and Serena

If you're anything like Blair and Serena, you definitely know how to throw a party. You stick together no matter what life throws your way. You may have fights and you may have heartbreak, but in the end, you know that you have at least one person that you could go to.

3. Leonard and Sheldon

Every person has that annoying best friend that they can't get rid of no matter how hard they try. Well, sometimes that's what you need. You guys love each other to death, but when it comes to actually separating, you would rather die first. Your best friend is the only person you truly tolerate and nothing will change that.

4. Elena and Bonnie

Having a special bond with you and your best friend is truly what every best friend needs — that security and comfort of knowing that you will always have someone you can trust and fall back on. Make sacrifices for them and they will do the same for you. That's what it's all about.

5. DJ and Kimmy

No matter how weird he or she might be, you will always love them. Whether your family accepts them or not, you will always love them. No matter how many times you think you don't love them, you will always love them. They are with you through it all and they are basically family.

6. Miley and Lily

Best friends keep all of your secrets. They know that whatever the situation, they need to be truthful and faithful to you. When you're a block away, it doesn't compare to when you're 1000 miles away. You always know what to say, what to do, and give the best advice. Never let them go.

7. Max and Carter

Life may throw you around like a child throws a doll, but your best friend will always catch you. Even if they get shot by your boyfriend, they will still have that special place in their heart where you belong. Life will never be boring with them.

8. Patrick and Spongebob

There is that one friend who will go out of their way to look stupid for their best friend. That one friend who would get into trouble for you. That one friend who doesn't know when to stop. That one friend who is down for any adventure whether it's to Shell City or The Krusty Krab. You need to keep that friend.

9. Cleo and Emma

You do everything with your best friend, even grow a mermaid tail! You work together to keep this bond that you share and it's stronger than ever in the end. No boyfriend or enemy will ever stand in your way. You work well separately but together, you are powerful.

10. Alex and Harper

Adventure is another name for what you and your best friend have gone through. You've been to space with them, fought monsters with them, even got an apartment together, and been to many more places that you will never forget. And only you and her (or him) can experience those things.


Which TV friendship is most like you and your BFF?


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