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Who. Cares.

Marvel has gone through a huge transition the last few years. Comic fans are no longer hiding in a crap apartment in the slums of New York City, munching on pizza from a week ago and working a job waiting just to make easy money. They come from all walks of life, all sorts of ages, sexes, and races.

And what comes with that kind of popularity? Hipsters.

Oh yeah. I'm not using that unironically. It used to be trendy to hate on the subculture of people, labeled "hipsters." I thought it was pretty unsubstantiated. But comic book hipsters? Oh. Those people are real. Those have to be the worst.

Deadpool is airing in theaters February 12, 2016. It has an R rating, and pumping people up so much we have kids making petitions for multiple releases.

With Marvels rising popularity, the inevitable has happened, and Deadpool gained...GASP....MORE FANS. And then images like this one pop up all over social media.

This is indicative of the stereotypical, egotistical, stuck up culture that surrounds these hipsters of comic books. It's suddenly some kind of world catastrophe that these previously underestimated superheroes and antiheroes are gaining the popularity they deserve.

If you are a true fan of these characters, why is it so upsetting that they are finally getting the funding they deserve?

Oh no, the horror. More movies are going to get made? Cooler merchandise is going to be released? Marvel has more funding to promote Deadpool comics? This has to be worst thing to ever happen, right?

For years, comic book stores have shut their doors, gone out of business, or given up all together because there was such a small fan-base. These "fake fans" of your beloved comics are giving people jobs, are keeping our little nerd cult alive.

I myself had no idea who Daredevil was until it came out on Netflix last year. Guess what. I watched the entire season because it was so amazing, and then went on to read more comics. It's how people become fans.

Stop fostering a culture where we vilify new fans. We were all there once, and we should be welcoming people into this amazing world that Marvel, DC, and so many others have created for us.


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