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Posted on the Dexter twitter page an image would change all lost hope on the final episodes for all Dexter fans. Throughout the last couple of months, we have heard the last season of Dexter has yet to come.

For those who do not know much about the Showtime series, Dexter had an amazing dark yet humorous aspect to it, that would keep you wanting more. Wondering if our FAVORITE blood spatters expert was to get caught, or if he was going to make it throughout the series.

Spoilers below!!!

If you are a die-hard fan such as myself, you probably started to ask questions literally moments after the eighth season ended. Let me start off by asking the question, What the hell kind of ending was that(Much of the same thought I had during Sons of Anarchy)?
In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Scott Buck (showrunner) answered the question we've all asked:

Why was it important to end the show this way?

BUCK: It seemed like the ending that was most justified. In season 1, you saw this guy who was so compartmentalized. The last couple seasons have been about breaking down those walls by having his son and his relationship with Hannah and having Deb discover who he is. Still he was able to justify what he did. We felt it took the death of the one person he cared most about to really look at himself. [His fate] wasn’t something that happened to him but his decision. He had to bear the burden of deciding his own fate.

Okay, so his response gives great reason to why they ended the show this way.

Dexter, Harrison and Hannah.
Dexter, Harrison and Hannah.

Dexter is putting himself through no contact with anyone, to punish himself for the death of Deb (his sister.) Though there are still questions that could be answered in a spin-off about everyone else involved in the show. It is consumed around Dexter's decisions, but what about those influencing him.


Michael C. Hall as Dexter
Michael C. Hall as Dexter
  • Is Dexter still committing his crimes, or has he stopped altogether due to the lack of resources?
  • Will he ever return back to Miami?
  • Does he keep in contact with his son and Hannah?
  • Does he live alone forever, knowing he can never have a normal life?


Yvonne Strahovski as Hannah
Yvonne Strahovski as Hannah

We established that Hannah could become more dangerous than Dexter could so that leaves a few loose ends.

  • Is she capable of killing Harrison?
  • Did she give him up, because she wasn't ready for the responsibility at hand?
  • Did she continue to kill or did she show Harrison how to kill?


Jadon Wells as Harrison
Jadon Wells as Harrison

We saw Harrison grow up, and go through a lot of the same childhood as Dexter did.

  • Did Harrison become a Dexter Jr.?
  • Does he have the same cravings as Dexter does?
  • Does he become a criminal simply because he doesn't have a code?
  • What does he know about his father?

Because there are so many loose ends, it could make for a great spin-off. If they were to make a new show based around Dexter, they could run with it in different ways. The last episode was a bummer for me, so I'd be extremely pleased to see Dexter resurface to fill us in on the last couple years of Harrison and Hannah's life.


Do you think a reboot of Dexter would be worth the watch?


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