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FOX new series Lucifer which has ruffled the feathers of One Million Moms. Well the website not sure if a Million Moms watch the show. They are Moms they should be putting kids to bed and getting a glass of wine and watching Grey’s Anatomy on Hulu.

The Main issue is FOX making the Devil attractive to a vulnerable generation of children. Well the same could be said about the recent Political Debates. Well at least Lucifer has only one Devil.

Let us dive in.

Tom Ellis plays Lucifer Morningstar. He is hip, he is stylish, and he is always having fun. Ellis flows from scene to scene with elegant poetic savvy. He plays with the role. Ellis lean 6’3 form does make him stand out. It is perfect to steal the scene.

Which is the point of a lead character.

Now the Character is really Thomas Jane from the Mentalist. When you first see Lucifer at the crime scene he has a childlike glee. Not to mention finding clues nobody else can. Instantly!!! Instantly I tell you. The calling card of all CBS Primetime Sleuths. I had to check my TV to see if I had switched to CBS by mistake.

I know he is Lucifer, but I have seen Investigation Discovery a time or two. Professionals would have gathered the evidence just as fast. I hope L.A. Police Detectives are not that sloppy on a crime scene.

Throwing more of that patented “The Mentalist” flavor we have Lauren Germen as Detective Chloe Dancer. The female foil / love interest / you complete me of the series. She is the hard nosed by the book type who happens to be saddled with keeping The Devil at bay.

Chloe is the window into humanity that Lucifer has never seen. This causes an awakening in Lucifer which keeps him perplexed with Chloe. This is where things get crazy. Lucifer is a stalker. He injects himself in all aspects of her life. Her daughter, work, home all open season for him to pry into. Chloe is the one person he cannot use his Voodoo / Jedi Mind Tricks on. And of course he becomes obsessed. Trust me girls love an obsessed man who injects himself into their lives.

It also adds tension with the Archangel Amenadiel played by DB Woodside. They need Lucifer to run Hell. Apparently The Devil does have like an Assistant Manager or a Temp to run Hell.

Lucifer has some interesting ideas but….no. It goes from Police Procedural, to Supernatural, to Dark Comedy. Nothing sticks.

This is loosely based off a character from Neil Gaiman’s Sandman comic book series. The TV Series could have taken from the very creative source material.

This show could be scary and dark. Lucifer plays it safe. This show needs to be streamlined for target audience. Lucifer has a great lead in with The X Files 2.0 and this show needs to hit the ground running. X Files will not be around for long.

So far Lucifer on FOX might be taking a vacation off the network.


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