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We all went back to a galaxy far far away which was a great Christmas present all by itself. I had the chance to take it in twice which was well worth my time and the money in my opinion. After nerding out and regaining myself I had lots of questions and hopefully they get answered in the next installment. This will have spoilers peppered through out.


Which Star Wars was your favorite

The cast did a really great job to carry this movie and show they would be able to carry this for two more movies. Daisy Ridley showed strong on screen presence which was needed for the female lead especially since she is Luke's daughter. They don't go right out and say it but you really didn't need to with how they showed it. Her character reminds us of Anakin and Luke mashed up together. She has Anakin's need to stay cause she was waiting for her family to return. The wonder in her eyes like Luke wanting to be elsewhere. She also has the skill with electronics and piloting. The rest of her personality is her own and that's cool.

John Boyega was a great lead in Attack The Block and with this film shows he is worthy of the leading man mantle. John's character may not have shown any force skills; but I have a feeling he might be force sensitive. Take a look again in the beginning when Kylo looks at him when he's the lone trooper. His character is a member of the First Order troopers which are children taken from around the galaxy. It's still remains to be seen but the strongest census is he's Lando Calrissian son.

Returning members Han Solo and Chewbacca give us more memorable moments. For me seeing them on screen again brought back the feeling of seeing an old friend or family member after a long time. The coolest thing this time around was the aging Chewbacca showed his fur is lighter with some grey. Which in my opinion was a great job on the special effects team on this costume. We also get a look at his weapon in action and made us all jump for joy and excitement. Han Solo's return and revelation that Kylo Ren is his son and Luke disappearing after Kylo turned was a hard blow. The moment that stuck out was Han's death at his son's hand. I knew someone was going to die, but I thought it was going to be Chewbacca. It was a moment when all fans of the original trilogy felt really sad. For me it definitely stands up there with Optimus Prime dying in the Transformers movie (1986), Superman's death. Unfortunately he wont be back.

Leia's return and small screen time still doesn't make her appearance less awesome. Seeing her still fighting the good fight is something we expected to see. The fact that she knows her son is following in her fathers footsteps doesn't stop her from believing he can be redeemed. The fact that it is hinted that she can feel the force and know he's not fully jumped ship was cool. I expect more screen time next time around.

Poe Dameron is definitely a cool character which of course is a cross between Luke and Han Solo. Luke's sense of justice and piloting skills. Han's Solo's leadership qualities, suaveness, also his piloting skills. Oscar Issac definitely gave us another character we can like and get behind and root for.

Kylo Ren reminded me of Anakin with his temper tantrums and lack of conviction Darth Vader had. The biggest thing is his Darth Vader used his force against those who failed without hesitation. Kylo instead took it out on inanimate objects.

With everything in this moving including the flaws it's still an awesome time to go back to a galaxy far far away. Here is the biggest question I have from the movie that I want answered.

Luke's lightsaber which he lost in Empire Strikes Back after his dad cut his hand off. Watch it again and the moment Luke lands on the antenna behind him you see something falling. That's his hand and lightsaber which Rey gets in The Force Awakens. So my question is how did Maz Kanata end up with it? Did Luke go back to look for it and get it? This is one thing that really has got me wondering. Checkout my review below as well.


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