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As the hype slowyly builds for August, more and more information is coming to light for a lot of Suicide Squad virgins. I've seen so many articles about who the current lineup consists of, their bios and history, as well as their level of involvement in the Squad. What about the members that aren't in the first film?

Since its creation in 1987, there have been dozens of different criminals involved with the dangerous team, and they all have great histories and destructive abilities. Here are three members I would absolutely love to see in future installments, should they make sequels.

1. Bronze Tiger

One of the members of the original Squad, Ben Turner was full of rage from a young age and turned to martial arts in an effort to control himself. After being recruited by an agency to take down the League of Assassins, Turner is eventually brainwashed into becoming a member, and adopts the alter ego of Bronze Tiger.

Gathering a terrifying reputation, Bronze Tiger climbs the ranks of assassins, even coming into conflict with the likes of Batman. Eventually he finds himself recruited by Amanda Waller, who pulls him from the League and inserts him as second in command of the original Suicide Squad, under Rick Flag.

Bronze Tiger is a fearsome fighter, being skilled in hand to hand combat, as well as being a master assassin, making him an extremely dangerous addition to the team. Most recently, he had a recurring role on the CW's Arrow, portrayed by Michael Jai White.

2. Killer Frost (Louise Lincoln)

Pictured above in the DC animated film Batman: Assault on Arkham, Louise Lincoln was actually the second character that took the title of Killer Frost, after Crystal Frost and before Caitlin Snow. After Crystal Frost died from absorbing too much energy from Firestorm, Lincoln decides to repeat the experiment that gave Frost her powers, and takes on the persona as a tribute to a fallen friend.

An enemy primarily of Firestorm, due to the vendetta she held because of the death of Frost, Lincoln was part of the second incarnation of the Squad, code named Task Force Omega in 2001. Although she wasn't a member for long, her power of cold and ice manipulation made her a very chilling adversary (yes, I just made a cheap pun).

Most recently, as the picture above displays, this version of Killer Frost was in the animated movie, depicting the beginning of the Suicide Squad with other prominent members such as Harley, Deadshot, and Captain Boomerang. Currently, Caitlin Snow, portrayed by Danielle Panabaker in the CW's The Flash, will be the third Killer Frost in next week's episode.

3. Black Spider (Eric Needham)

Before being a prominent member of the New 52 Suicide Squad lineup, Needham started as a petty criminal, but after he killed his father during a robbery, Needham kicked a heroin addiction and become a vigilante in a war on drugs. At first, he sounds like he could be a good guy, but after killing suspected drug dealers, he puts himself at odds with our very own Dark Knight.

After run ins with Batman, and having his offer of being an ally to the Bat rejected because of his killing spree, Needham develops a hatred for his ex-idol and often teams up with other villains to seek his revenge. As a member of the New 52 Squad, Spider finds himself constantly at odds with other members, thinking he's better than them because he hates criminals in his own self-denying kind of way. Not only could he be a worthy opponent for Batman in another installment, but also a way to provide more tension within the Squad itself. Most recently in animated media, Spider had a role in the series Young Justice as well as being an original Squad member in the animated film Batman: Assault on Arkham.

Suicide Squad hits theaters on August 5th of this year! I was skeptical, at first, about DC attempting such an out-of-nowhere project (as far as the films go), but now I'm a true believer in the power of the Squad! Who do you want to see in future sequels? Leave your nominees in the comments!



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