ByJames Kinsella, writer at

Captain America:Civil War is coming out in 93 days and honestly I have no idea who I am rooting for. I have been a Captain America fan since day one, but Downey Jr's portrayal of Tony Stark is too perfect.

I see it like this, in my mind everything splits between both sides as they both have redeeming qualities. I guess the best way to talk about this is to weigh it out.

Captain America's team: Antman is played by Paul Rudd one of my favorite actors ever. Captain America is truly an all American hero and is always just so cool. The falcon is the first African American hero in the series and he is also cool. I mean honestly they are the coolest members of the team, to me anyway.

Iron man's team: Iron Man is truly the best and his snark and wit are big ups. Black panther is a vicious and powerful force not yet seen in the movies and should be great. Paul Bettany as the Vision is cool because he has been in the movies since the universe's inception. Black Widow is always a vibrant addition to the crew being one of the only women. Now Don Cheadle's War Machine is also a solid addition.

Looking at this it looks I am really Team Iron Man. I guess its always good to look at both sides to really decide something. All in all, I can't wait for Civil War!


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