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If you've been paying any attention to Disney and Star Wars and their plans for movies, you should know by now that between the "episodes" of the saga, there will be spin-off movies chronicling untold tales of the past and present of the Star Wars timeline. The spin-off films we know of are this year's Rogue One, a Han Solo film, and there is most likely going to be a Boba Fett film as well. But there is one specific character that I would like to see get at least one solo film: Obi-Wan Kenobi.

For those of you that are Star Wars fanatics, what I'm about to say next may be a bit hard to hear. Though they have a special place in my heart, the prequel trilogy was not all that good. Sure it had its moments, but overall they were poorly executed. Episode III was pretty good, I'll say that, but the others not so much. Okay, mini-rant over, I felt like I really held back right there. Everybody okay? Alright then, let's proceed.

Among all the negative things about the prequel films, there is one aspect of the films that everybody universally seems to be okay with: Ewan McGregor's portrayal of Obi-Wan Kenobi. Mind you, McGregor is a wonderful actor so it's not really surprising that he was able to put together a memorable performance that shines through a lot of trash in the prequels. He channeled the essence of Obi-Wan's character in a way that none of the other actors were able to do with their own characters. What is great about his performance is that you can put it side by side with Alec Guiness' portrayal as the older version and you know without a doubt that it is the same character.

Now I know that there have been rumors that there is at least one Obi-Wan Kenobi film in development but that hasn't been confirmed. I also know that Ewan McGregor has been very vocal about his openness to reprise his formal role, which is backed up by the fact that he did have a short, dialogue-only cameo in The Force Awakens. Basically, at this point the ball is in Disney/Lucasfilm's court. They have their actor that audiences already love, they just need to swoop in and get this project going.

Now here comes the fun part. What will this film be about? Ever since I saw Episode III when it came out, I have always wondered what happened to Obi-Wan between his battle with Anakin Skywalker having assumed that he had killed him on Mustafar, and his mentoring of Luke in Episode IV. How did he find out that Vader was alive? In what ways did he protect Luke and his aunt and uncle prior to A New Hope? Questions like these have bugged me for years.

Obi-Wan's is a story that MUST be explored. He is one of the most iconic characters in film history, and we have an actor who is very much alive and willing to jump back into the role. Obi-Wan trained one of the most powerful Jedi/Sith of all time as well as his son. He's not just some Jedi. He is the second only to Qui-Gonn that we know of who was able to fully become one with the Force after death (Yoda and Anakin Skywalker would later become Force ghosts in Episode VI). These are things that would be fascinating to explore on the big screen.

If I could have my way, I would bring Ewan McGregor back, obviously, Liam Neeson as a Force ghost, Joel Edgerton as Uncle Owen again, possibly Ray Park as a resurrected Darth Maul, and use that as the main and supporting cast. Start the film 10 years after Episode III, and have Obi-Wan living in self-imposed isolation keeping an eye on young Luke while also continuing to learn and master the ways of the Force.

We would also have potential for a brilliant tour de force performance from Ewan McGregor as he deals with incredible failure of having trained the Chosen One who could've brought balance to the force, but instead turned to the dark side. In addition, the inclusion of Darth Maul would see him dealing with anger towards the one who killed his master. But in this film we could see the moment that Obi-Wan finds out that Vader is still alive and slaughtering Jedi. We could see a lot of inner turmoil, as naturally he would probably want to finish what he started and destroy Vader, but he knows that his highest priority is to protect Luke so that he may keep the Jedi way alive. At this point in his life, Kenobi is probably in a very dark state, and very pessimistic only seeing the darkness in people. He is ashamed that he wasn't able to keep his promise to Qui-Gonn, and that Anakin, his best friend and pupil, turned into a murderous villain.

This film could also be an incredible mirroring of where we see Luke Skywalker in The Force Awakens. Think about it, Luke was training his best friend's son, and somehow he still was seduced by the Dark Side and Luke couldn't stop it. This film could give us an incredible idea of where Luke's state of mind might be at in the future, dealing with his failure with Ben Solo (Kylo Ren). This Kenobi film would provide us with an incredible character study of what it means to be a Jedi and fulfill duty, some great action with a rematch of Kenobi vs. Maul, as well as foreshadowing for what we may see in Episode VIII and beyond. This is a story that needs to be told. Hopefully somebody at Disney is reading this!


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