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Zeb has to save his race from Extinction!

The group are looking for refugees captured by the Empire. Ezra is leading this mission, but to a surprise these refugees captured are Zeb's own kind!

They break them free as Hando shows up because he was the one who told them about the Lasats. Zeb, up to this point has assumed he was the last of his kind and to his surprise the two Lasats remember him. They want to make their way to a new world where they can survive. Hando gives away the rebels, and the Stormtroopers make their way to capture them, but before they are captured he warns them. The group makes their way back to the ship and fires back at the stormtroopers, just as Hando gets caught by them.

Lirasan is the location of the new home for the Lasat, but Zeb is very unsure that this world exists. There seems to be a noticeable grudge from Zeb about the Lasat and possibly his past. He isn't two happy about the new goal for them and is even disappointed they aren't warriors anymore. Ezra confronts Zeb about the his problem with the Lasat, he tells them that he feels responsible for the extinction of his people. He doesn't even feel worth being called Captain.

Zeb is the child of Lasat and helps them discover the location of their new home world. The location is from the Outer Rim and isn't even located on a map, but with his weapon, it shows the world of Lirasan. He takes over control of the ship and they are able to make it through the cluster of stars that are blocking the way to the planet. The hyperdrive activates and they make it through a special kind of light speed past the cluster of stars.

On the other side, is Lirasan and they drop them off. Zeb finds out that the rest of his kind are still alive and are on Lirasan and because the planet is now marks on the ghost ship means they can come back to this location any time they want to.

This episode started pretty typically, but escalated in a very interesting way. We see that Zeb isn't the only one of his kind around and even get a glimpse at something similar to the force. I would say the best part of the episode was definitely the Star Cluster scene. With my interest in space travel it was nice to see that implemented into Star Wars in a way that I have never seen before. We even got a little development out of Zeb showing that he was actually a respected captain before his race was attacked by the Empire. It was a really good episode and I can't wait to see what is in store for next week!


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