ByJames Kinsella, writer at

If a Marvel character and a DC character made a baby...

Super heroes are fantastic works of art on their own. It is one thing reading their stories but what if you made your own? What would happen in your super heroic world?

The idea

I worked at a restaurant for about two years and made some really dorky friends. One day my friend asked me a simple question, what two super beings would you choose to be your parents if their powers were given to you.

Now, it took me a few hours but I finally made my answer. The Joker and a female Captain America.

Now this character would only be able to exist in a world where the Joker rules the world or at least the US.

Lady Capt.America would be the Joker's right hand woman and eventually fall for him. There spawn would be a super powered, psychopath, with green hair and a laughing shield. His absurd strength matched with his psychotic nature would lead him on an antiheroic tirade. Of course being in Joker's Hamerica, he would be Captain Hamerica.

Here is my challenge to you

Pick two characters from Marvel or DC and write a little story about them, figure out what kind of character the spawn of their character is. Have fun with it!


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