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Let's face it: when you were reading The Great Gatsby by Scott F. Fitzgerald, you could not help shipping Daisy Buchanan with Jay Gatsby (or maybe that was just me).

This literary classic takes place during the Roaring Twenties, centering on Nick Carraway who observes the American Dream developing in James Gatz's symbolic love life. In Gatsby's eyes, Daisy is his everything. Even though their love for each other becomes complicated with the presence of Tom Buchanan, we all cannot help cheering on Gatsby and Daisy to be together. I praise the brilliance of Director Baz Luhrmann's production of The Great Gatsby (2013); the movie is all that I imagined the story would be.

My love for The Great Gatsby has reached a whole new level because of this video's existence on Youtube by Valerie Elenes.

The song being played is called Daisy by accredited DJ music producer Zedd. What a coincidence right?!

Can't you imagine Gatsby writing this ode to her?

The opening sound of the orchestra seems to eminate Daisy's innocence and purity. Although this song is sung by a woman, you cannot help hearing Gatsby's voice in it as well. Every time the name "Daisy" is sung, it's as though Gatsby is cooing her name. The part that reflects his deepest feelings from this song, in my opinion, is the following lyric:

I would take the light out the stars to help you see

Anything to guide you straight to me

Throughout this story, Gatsby spends lavishly on the girl of his dreams. He throws big parties, gives her a garden of flowers, and even tries to turn back time just for Daisy. Anyone who has read this book or has watched the movie cannot help feeling sorry that his love life never turned out the way he wanted. The near end of the song seems to correlate to this sadness, considering that his chase for her has no end... until he has reached his.

The song overall ties into Fitzgerald's embedded theme--that although some people during the 1920's may have been empowered to reach their American Dream, others were not as successful. In this case, Gatsby is trying to grasp Daisy into his life, the woman who not only is his lover but also represents the riches and the sophistication that he wishes he had inherited earlier in his life. But of course, his dream ends up "running, running" away from him, leaving him to wonder why she never notices that all of her necessities are with him--he's "got it right here."

Gatsby is yelling in desperation "I would love you if you'd let me!"

I would like to applaud Valerie Elenes' creativity in the composition of this short video. All of the scenes added in the clip elevates the song lyrics and Gatsby's love for Daisy as well. The music video makes us wonder why the song is not a part of the movie soundtrack; THE WHOLE THING JUST FITS (it's too bad that this song was produced two years after the movie's production)!!! Another round of applause should be given to Zedd for his excellent musical pieces (I recommend you getting his True Colors album by the way. It's fantastic!) Even though we all felt that this song is too short, it surely gets its point across:

Gatsby's love for Daisy will never die.


Did you feel that this video and song relates to Gatsby and Daisy's love life?


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