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I completely agree. I am always telling this to people ever since i was little and just being there for them telling them they could.....It ment the world to them and they thought and still do think the world of me. They all call me this amazing person and some say its like i am magic, but all i am doing is what you said here. I show them they have potential and clear the doubts from their mind letting them find themselves and push forward towards their goals. I should know going through 2 brain surgeries at 5 and 9 i been through alot. There were times i felt like giving up having to be alone so much cause mom was afraid of me getting hurt or something, But in these times i met amazing creatures walking the woods who despite my differences apearing human. They showed me kindness and helped me see what you and the movie said. They urged me forward and helped me find me. This prolly sound weird, but mom says when i was little sitting alone in the living room i would sit there and be talking to people and she thought it was my imagination at first......Though that changed when she found out the people i was talking to. Like my sister who died 2 years before i was born and my great grand parents and relatives and people i never knew existed. Its because of nature and so many friends like the ones i have met on facebook that i am able to be so positive cause i know they are there rooting for me and helping me when i fall short of my goals. I am always up for making new friends and helping people so go ahead and add me if you want. I would love to talk more on this and to any who just need someone to listen and tell them a few words of encouragement. my facebook is names kyle hehe.

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