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Cassandra Saturn
Avatar Korra Portrait
Avatar Korra Portrait

i’m unsure how to share this, but. this might really shock you and open your eyes to the possibility of Real Life Avatar of our world. ~ Cassandra Saturn

i’m going, “God, I hate this insane fantasy I’m getting while eating. I fantasized that I was getting beaten up by a ex boyfriend just because I never let him get into my pants.. as I’m getting beating of my life, I’m bleeding and got cuts, bruises. Jacob Taylor swoops in, stopping the attack and beats him up while Kirsten Stewart rushes in to drag me away into their vehicle. Jacob finished beating him up and fixes his jacket as he walks into the vehicle, speeds away to nearby hospital for me. I lived thanks to Jacob Taylor. Oh my.. he’s so hunky @[email protected]

Friend was like, “Oh My God”

i’m like, “i know right. i have that vivid imagination. it’s how i get so realistic dreams in world of Legend of Korra. when i travel with Korra and Avatar team. it feels like i’m actually here. it’s so crazy.”

friend is like, “Wow”

i replied, “yeah, it’s been like that way long before Korra xD. since 1990s, it was less impact. by time of Korra in 2012, it has became very big impact on me. i totally start to feel the effects after the dreams. like one time i almost could feel the energy flow of the elements in real life, came that close to bend that element of Air. it was surreal.”

friend replies, “Just Wow”

i replied again, “i think my mind is becoming more aware of the flows that are unseen in other state. maybe this is exactly what Korra told me. she said, i quote her: "the state of your ability is becoming active slowly over time, you’re starting to sense the flows of energy that flows all around us, even in our bodies. you’re becoming an Bender like me. you’re gonna freak out at first when it hits you at full speed. just don’t panic. you’ll see it will be okay, you’re going to see how different the world can be in the way nobody can imagine. you are actually, well.. a real Avatar in some sense of a way. but you’re learning from me rapidly. i think you’re doing great. just keep it up. it’ll be fun for you to start learning how to control it.” “

friend replies again, "i have no words”

i replied once more, “it’s possible i could be the first Avatar of this world O.O”

Korra congratulating Cassandra "oh, that's great!"
Korra congratulating Cassandra "oh, that's great!"

and that’s all i have to share. what do you think? i could be the very first REAL Avatar? ~ Cassandra Saturn

P.S. i have to share this piece of connection between Korra and me.

the Avatars, Korra and Cassandra. Bonded forever
the Avatars, Korra and Cassandra. Bonded forever

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