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'The Beauty and The Beast' one is absolutely perfect, but 'Pinocchio' is so creepy!

While they share so many of the same fans, Tim Burton and Disney films live in separate worlds. While Disney's classics were full of color and magic, Tim Burton's films are dark and full of strange creatures. Well, LA based genius animator Andrew Tarusov used his talents in his latest series to make these two unlikely worlds collide, and it came out hauntingly perfect.

Andrew took Disney classics and animated them as if Tim Burton had directed them, creating a series of beautifully deranged animated posters for films we desperately wish we could see!

A huge fan of Tim Burton, Tarusov told the Huffington Post:

"I tried to combine colorful and happy Disney characters with Burton's view," Tarusov said. "I either took some of my favorite moments from each movie, or I based my idea on the characters' distortion."

Andrew nods to Burton films such as Nightmare Before Christmas and Vincent in his animations. See the amazing Disney/Burton mashups below. Now how can we make these films happen in real life?!

Have you ever seen an elephant fly?

There are no strings to hold me down...

A whole new world!

Once Upon a Dream...

Whistle while you work!

Under the Sea!

The circle of life

Be out guest!

Little april shower

Cruella, Cruella De Vil!

Wow, these are amazing. It would be pretty cool to see what Disney and Tim Burton could come up with given the opportunity. The stark difference of the worlds and characters could completely flip Disney fairytales upside down, in a good way! Tim Burton did direct Disney's Alice in Wonderland live-action film, and that was fantastic. Guess for now we will just have to dream, or have nightmares about it.


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