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With the sale of the Star Wars franchise to Disney, a new canon had to be established, so for new Star Wars fans and others, who want to jump the bandwagon after the immense hype surrounding Episode VII: The Force Awakens, but want to start at the beginning, and get caught up, fast, and know everything, and not miss shit, then this post is for you:

FILMS - Prequel Trilogy (The Phantom Menace, etc.), Original Trilogy And The Clone Wars (Theatrical Film).

Well, where do we begin? Watch the bloody films, mate! But most important the films are made out of pure Star Wars and the beginning of an entire legacy, if you're the the one who likes to start at the beginning and then end, maybe start with the Prequel Trilogy, but you really musn't, because they will surely leave a bad taste in your mouth. But if you want to take your viewing into alphabetical order, then your destination is the Prequels.

The Original Trilogy, ahh! Sorry, nostalgia hit me. The OT is what started it all, and they aren't called the greatest movies ever made, for no reason. Filled with iconic characters and moments, you surely know a lot about Star Wars, newbie, even if you haven't watched the films, etc. But then if you are done with those, then watch the limited released The Clone Wars film, compromised of the hit TV series Star Wars: The Clone Wars, it ain't...the best movie in the world but if you wanna know it all, then watch it.

That's for the films, then jump to the TV shows:

TV SHOWS- Star Wars The Clone Wars (TV Series) Star Wars Rebels:

So far, the only Star Wars TV Shows were animated (The less we talk about the TV Holiday Special, the better...) cause animation can take you anywhere, and Live Action Star Wars TV would cost more than bloody Game Of Thrones, which is the reason Underworld is never happening (Yet).

Star Wars The Clone Wars is set between Episode 2 and 3, and if you watched 2, then watching The Clone Wars is the next thing to do, but you could watch it later, it really doesn't influence Episode 3, but it provides a hell of a lot more context, and actually makes watching the Prequels better, and even if it doesn't get 'good' until it's second season, that really shouldn't be a problem, if you're patient, then the later seasons will repay you, and you will love this show, and hate Disney for Bloody cancelling it, those wankers.

Star Wars Rebels is set between Revenge Of The Sith and A New Hope, as it is still ongoing, get caught up! But there has been a lot of complaining for the animation and poor writing but same as Clone Wars, the second season vastly improves. And it could tie in to the highly anticipated anthology film Rogue One: Star Wars Anthology (Anything sounds cooler than A Star Wars Story, mate!)

The crew of the Ghost are alright characters, but the awesome portrayal of Darth Vader is worth it, all badass and awesome dark side force wielder.

NOVELS And COMICS- Dark Disciple, A New Dawn, Lords Of The Sith, Tarkin Etc.

Star Wars Novels are nothing new, with their inception since the times of the OT, but with the EU, totally scrapped we have the new novels and comics, first off, let me name the recent novels you should read: Lords Of The Sith, A New Dawn, Lost Stars and Aftermath (Or maybe skip it, cause it's horrible). That's not even counting the numerous novels that will come out, so we're safe in our Star Wars book heaven. And read A Smuggler's run, a Han Solo and Chewbacca adventure which is good and reminds people of the crowning achievement that is Brian Daley's Han Solo books (Even though they're scrapped and all, give them a read, eh?)

As for comics, Marvel have been shitting out a shit ton of SW comics, one of the best and my favorites is: Lando, yes, Marvel gave Lando his own comic, and it's pretty damn good.

A stand-alone anthology Star Wars title, a Chewbacca one (Which is really nice, Go, Chewie!) a Darth Vader one, and another one called Vader Down, and a Threepio one shot, which you should all give a read, and how do you do that: One thing: Comixology, download it on your phone and buy from then on the comics, which i believe are on sale, cause of The Force Awakens, and some comics fill gaps and questions you have, so that should be satisfactory.

GAMES- Star Wars Battlefront (PS4, PC Etc.) Star Wars Uprising (Mobile)

Star Wars Battlefront is a recently released game for the PS4, PC, and all that gibberish, yet it was a disappointment, but a good and worthy Star Wars game, not quite beating the original Battlefront games, but standing well on it's own. And one last thing: FUCK YOU, EA!

Star Wars Uprising is an also recently released Star Wars game for the mobile, Android, Tablet, IOS, and everything. A good game, good gameplay, and a hell of a lot fun, as a man who download it on his phone, this game is fun, a good time-killer and a good game, overral. Maybe give it a download, eh, mate?



With Star Wars The Force Awakens bringing Star Wars tons of new fans, and modern audiences loving that Star Wars magic, you bet your sweet ass Star Wars is back!!!


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