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1 year ago, Deadpool fans were few and far between - he was simply just a funny comic book character. Now, he is the the most recognizable superhero of the year. This wasn't an overnight success mind you, the creative marketing team behind this one worked their butts off - creating the marketing technique of a generation. This is the entire Deadpool promotional material, wrapped up for you in one place, because there was a lot of material, you might have missed some.


Now these are official Deadpool posters, if some of your favorites are missing, they are probably fan made.

Firstly, the film's three main posters each with their own distinct feel, I personally love the first one.

And finally, a set of posters that tried to convince girlfriends, sisters and mothers everywhere that the film was a romance movie.

Viral Videos

Audiences were hit with a massive amount of clips, trailers and TV spots, all while still releasing a large sum of hilarious videos advertising other features of the film.

I think I may have actually been convinced to see something in IMAX:


Let's not forget about when he gave knife to a child and pushed her on a swing


Or when he did what we all have always wanted to do to Mario Lopez


His 12 day promotional plan to release new content on the film was pure genius!


When he tried even harder to convince mums and girlfriends everywhere that it is in fact a romantic comedy


His Australia Day message had majority of Australia in stitches and some a little confused.


His public service announcement for men and women everywhere brought both laughter and awareness ...




His superb owl TV spot was the one final push for the film release


And finally, an hour and seven minutes of a paper bag burning posted. Just letting you know that it is better than the entirety of Green Lantern and X-Men Origins: Wolverine and I'm only 10 minutes in.


Surprise random screenings

Severely upset that I missed out on these, fans were "rewarded" by Ryan Reynolds, Deadpool himself, to a full screening of the film when in fact they thought they were going to see a few bonus clips.

Needless to say fans loved it.

The Deadpool Twitter Account

While the account does show off some new clips and images it also produces some really funny tweets and articles, my personal favorite is ...

The link on the tweet then takes you to the -

Deadpool Clickbait Website

After click baiting through tweets and Facebook, the seemingly real articles take you to the Deadpool website, both advertising the movie and just being super funny. I recommend checking it out here.

This Billboard

Skullshitl ?
Skullshitl ?

Some got it, others didn't . If you need clarification DEAD - POO - L. Now that we are on the same page lets talk about how genius this is, it immediately went viral with millions of people tweeting and sharing the image. While it isn't as straight forward as a poster or a clip, it definitely pushed the films hype.

So, do you think that the marketing on Deadpool was as genius as I did, or do you think that they beat us over the head with it ? Let me know in the comments below ! Deadpool is set for nation wide release on February 12, hopefully it will live up to all the hype.

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