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That is why George Lucas is such a genius. I always believed that it was done on purpose that the two trilogies mirrored each other in such a way and it is happening again with TFA and to an extent will continue to with VIII n XI. Surely JJ n Lawrence Kasdan are aware of this 'rhyming pattern' and even though it is implied that their screenplay was pretty much started from scratch, I believe this was done to distance the new film from Lucas because of all the criticism and backlash that he received after the prequels but they surely used some of his themes and ideas? Even Harrison Ford said that the new screenplay had influences of Georges genius all over and in it? That is why, it could be argued that TFA follows A New Hope n TPM (To a lesser extent) so closely. If the Prequels were mainly about the rise of the dark side n the fall n the Originals were about the Light n redemption, then this new trilogy must be about attaining balance for good. We all know Georges strengths n weaknesses as a film maker as he even said himself that dialogue is not his forte and he may have gone too far with all the digital effects but a lot of the criticism is unwarranted and the more extreme cases of hate towards him are from unconscious individuals I believe, if you don't like the films, then fine, but do people really have to go so berserk and criticize someone else's art like that? His themes n ideas are brilliant. His stories are based and taken from mythology, fairy tales and even real historical events, the depth of the universe which he created is truly mind boggling and so it stands to reason that he has done and constructed this story to have parallels and it's not just a re-hash of old ideas because he was lazy,had run out of ideas etc...I missed the 'bad' rhyme at the start of AOTC so it will be interesting to read all of this theory in full, good post Moviepilot.


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