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To avoid fainting, keep repeating 'It's only a movie...It's only a movie...'
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Don't let subtitles scare you off these scares! Here are 10 of the finest foreign horror movies just waiting for your enjoyment on good ol' Netflix. Enjoy!

1. 'Dust Devil'

Released: 1992

Country: South Africa

Echoes of The Hitcher and Tales From the Crypt: Demon Knight here, as a mysterious traveler wreaks havoc everywhere he goes.

2. 'The Strange Colour of Your Body's Tears'

Released: 2013

Country: France

Stylish modern homage to the great Giallo thrillers of old; style, tone, and eroticism intertwine to create a seductive, glossy ride.

3. 'Witching & Bitching'

Released: 2013

Country: Spain

A comedy crime caper turns into an all-out witch-fest when unsuspecting robbers are drawn into the world of a group of ruthless sorceresses.

4. 'A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night'

Released: 2014

Country: Iran

If you like confident black and white cinematography and a curious view into another culture's film-making, you couldn't do better than this underrated gem.

5. 'Black Death'

Released: 2011

Country: England

Sean Bean vs. the necromancers in Black Death, a plague-ridden Medieval England strewn with bloodthirsty foes... Game of Thrones / Walking Dead fans will definitely enjoy.

6. 'The Snowtown Murders'

Released: 2011

Country: Australia

A chilling study of psychopathy in the serial killer, The Snowtown Murders would undoubtedly be utterly disturbing even if it were not based on a true story.

7. 'House at the End of Time'

Released: 2013

Country: Venezuela

Bizarre yet compelling, this unusual horror movie from Venezuela is not your average supernatural flick. A must-see for fans of We Are Still Here and What We Do in the Shadows.

8. 'Dark Touch'

Alternative poster by My Fantasy Art
Alternative poster by My Fantasy Art

Released: 2013

Country: Ireland

A young girl suffering horrible abuse gets her terrible vengeance in a way that is beyond both her own control and the limits of what our world can understand. Dark, powerful and quietly unsettling.

9. 'I Saw the Devil'

Released: 2010

Country: South Korea

A man on the trail of the serial killer who brutally murdered his fiancee discovers a darkness within himself that he never thought possible. Oldboy levels of blood and iniquity ensue.

10. 'Here Comes the Devil'

Released: 2012

Country: Mexico

Two children go missing, and when they come back they're... different. Great design and subtle echoes of Lucio Fulci create a wonderfully atmospheric take on the typical possession tropes.

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What's your favorite foreign horror movie?

Source: Youtube, My Fantasy Art, Tumblr, Netflix


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