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Umm... are you going to drink that Skooma?
Marlon McDonald

Whether you like them, hate them or are simply languishing on the fence, Fallout 4 and all of its numerous bugs and glitches by far make Boston's Wasteland one divisively entertaining place to visit.

Legendary bugs like the infinite caps glitch or MacCready's killshot being wholeheartedly OTT, it's been a joy following the Internet's journey through the bleak sandbox.

And as we head into the third month of Fallout 4's existence, one YouTuber has discovered a new and incredibly novel way of exploiting XP in the game's settlement building tool. And it is genius.

Using some kind of seemingly homemade contraption, YouTuber New Scot has figured a way of gaining unlimited XP by repeatedly building and destroying structures in FO4's settlement building tool. You just have to make sure that the build, in this case a statue, is made out of one easily found material, so you're not wasting precious copper or adhesive.

It's brilliant, simply brilliant and I wish I had one to graft on my game while I am at work.


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