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(Warning: Spoilers for The Flash Season 2 and Supergirl Season 1 follow).

With The Flash introducing the concept of the multiverse and alternate Earths on their show, hopes of seeing a crossover between shows (Arrow/Flash and Supergirl) and the DCEU movies have been revived.

A few months ago, fans were dealt a huge blow by DC when they said that their TV shows and movies will be based in separate universes. However, DC did confirm that both of them could be connected via the multiverse. But don't worry, if you were rooting for Stephen Amell's Green Arrow, or Grant Gustin's Flash to be on the big screen, there is still hope!

A few days ago, The CW hosted a DC Films special, titled "Dawn of the Justice League." While it was focused on the movies, co-host and superfan Kevin Smith recently revealed on his podcast, "Fatman on Batman," that a scene was cut from the final version of the special. This particular scene stated that the doors for a multiverse crossover have been left open.

"And we did a piece where we talked about, I don’t know how much I’m supposed to say because they cut it out, and I was kind of bummed they cut it out. But the idea of, ‘Hey man, DC is known for nothing if not a multiverse,’ so at which point I was like, ‘Could they crossover?’ And he was like, ‘Ahhhhh.’ So doors are being left open and stuff like that for… think about this, you can have Ezra Miller be The Flash and you could also have Grant be The Flash, because there’s a multiverse at work."

Which coincidentally, is backed up by another statement released by Geoff Johns (DC Entertainment's Chief Creative Officer) a few months ago:

"Well, Arrow and Flash are the same universe, and we get a lot of great story out of that — especially when we have episodes that cross them over, but that’s also where our superhero universe lives. We look at it as the multiverse. We have our TV universe and our film universe, but they all co-exist.

For us, creatively, it’s about allowing everyone to make the best possible product, to tell the best story, to do the best world. Everyone has a vision and you really want to let the visions shine through. I think the characters are iconic enough. I like [Marvel’s Agents of] S.H.I.E.L.D. a lot. I love what Marvel does. I’m a huge fan. It’s just a different approach."

Considering that he is not only the CCO for DC, but is heavily linked with the production and writing of the movie, as well as the TV shows, the idea is not that far-fetched.

Another hint for this was provided during Season 1 of The Flash. During the last few episodes, we got a glimpse at this newspaper from the future, which was brought by the Reverse-Flash with him when he travelled back in time. The interesting thing is that the Crisis on Infinite Earths storyline is known for the death of The Flash, a.k.a. Barry Allen.

More specifically, he simply "disappeared," as shown in the headline.

In order to foil Anti-Monitor's plan of destroying the Multiverse with an anti-matter cannon, he travelled so fast that he destroyed the cannon and absorbed all the energy from the blast. As a result of traveling too fast, he zapped through time, and became the very lightning bolt that hit him and gave him his powers. His spirit, however, was absorbed by the speedforce.

The Crisis on Infinite Earths storyline is also famous for killing off another character (you guessed it) — Supergirl. And now, with the recently confirmed crossover between The Flash and Supergirl happening (it's coming out on March 28), it's entirely possible that this event might occur at some point in the future.

It will also be a perfect crossover event for the DC TV/movies, with an equally powerful villain (Anti-Monitor) to threaten the multiverse.

DC Entertainment's Official Youtube channel uploaded a video recently, hinting at this as well.

The show's star, Grant Gustin (who plays Barry Allen/The Flash) said that it's certainly a possibility that the show could go to the Infinite Crisis storyline. The Flash would certainly be the best way to connect these two universes, considering he can travel through dimensions.

While it's still only a minor possibility, the fact that we could witness something so incredible in the DC Universe is just mind-blowing.

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