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Amidst all the hype surrounding Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, it's easy to forget that we could've seen an entirely different live-action feature including DC's most famous creations.

Back in 2007, George Miller, the esteemed director of the Mad Max series, had a screenplay ready and had even assembled a cast. Unfortunately, a combination of changing legislation and a writer's strike ruined all chances of the film being made.

'I Really Was Attracted To It'

George Miller on the set of Fury Road
George Miller on the set of Fury Road

Fast forward to 2016 and Miller, at the ripe age of 70, is staring award glory in the face — Mad Max: Fury Road has been nominated for an impressive 10 Academy Awards. Talking of the failed movie to Slash Film, Miller said:

“I really was attracted to it. But there was a writers strike looming. We had to cast it very quickly, which we did with Warner’s casting people. And we cast it really quickly and we mounted it very quickly."

Considering the highly saturated visual eye candy on offer in Miller's latest flick, it's beyond tempting to consider what the visionary would've done at the helm of a DC feature film. Miller added:

"It was just too big a decision for them to make in the time. And that fell through and the whole film fell through. We almost got there. And it wasn’t to be. But that happens a lot, where films line up and the stars look like they’re aligning and they didn’t.”

'Justice League: Mortal'

The film in question was to be titled Justice League: Mortal, and was based on 'Tower of Babel,' a storyline that feature in the animated series Justice League: Doom.

The crux of the plot would've centered around a shared universe of DC characters teaming up together after Talia Al Ghul and Maxwell Lord steal a stash of Batman's weapons, along with potentially dangerous data on how to defeat fellow superheroes.

Although the intricate details of the plot aren't known, the story would've seen at least one major character meeting their demise.

A Troubled Production

The failed events are being captured in a documentary based on the troubled production. A Twitter account has previously shared some interesting concept art which was used in pre-production.

In terms of the chosen cast, Justice League: Doom would've featured D.J. Cotrona as Superman, Armie Hammer as Batman, Megan Gale as Wonder Woman and Adam Brody as The Flash.

Cotrona, Hammer, Gale and Brody
Cotrona, Hammer, Gale and Brody

The role of Batman was at the time a contentious issue, as the Dark Knight trilogy was well underway, with Christian Bale already donning the bat-suit in the lead role.

A Different Time, A Different Story

On the contrary, Zack Snyder's Dawn of Justice, although loosely based on 'The Dark Knight Returns,' will follow an original premise. Due for release on March 25th this year, the film features Ben Affleck as Batman, and Henry Cavill as Superman.

Regardless of the success of the latest offering, there will always be some fans who would've loved to have seen Justice League: Mortal reach the big screen. Judging from the concept art, Miller's wizardry behind the camera, and the plot, the film would've been great fun.


Which film would you have preferred to see?

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