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Emmy-winning voice actor Joe Alaskey has died of cancer at the age of 63. TMZ reported the actor's death, which was announced by family members on Wednesday evening.

Alaskey was most well known as the modern voice of many classic animated characters including Bugs Bunny, Marvin the Martian, Sylvester the Cat, and Daffy Duck. It was his work as the voice of Daffy in the Duck Dodgers TV series that earned Alaskey an Emmy award in 2004.

Aside from his work with Warners Brothers, Alaskey voiced many other familiar characters including President Nixon in Forrest Gump, Plucky Duck on Tiny Toon Adventures, Grandpa Pickles in all three of the Rugrats movies and the All Grown Up! series, and Stinkie in the 1995 film Casper.

Alaskey was a New York native and got his big break in 1989 following the death of Mel Blanc, the original voice of Bugs Bunny and many other Warner Bros. characters. In addition to his Emmy award, he was also nominated for an Annie award in 2004 for his work as Daffy Duck, and a Behind the Voice Actors Award in 2012 for Tom and Jerry And The Wizard of Oz.

Our thoughts are with the Alaskey family at this time.

Which Joe Alaskey character was your favorite?

Source: Just Jared, Daily Mail


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