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Almost three years after announcing his retirement from the movie industry, Oscar-winning director Steven Soderbergh has been tempted back to the silver screen by none other than Channing Tatum.

Variety reports that insider sources have informed them that Soderbergh will direct Lucky Logan which will put Channing Tatum in centre state.

Tatum and Soderburgh on set
Tatum and Soderburgh on set

Gregory Jacobs is on board produce the movie, which is still an absolute mystery in terms of just about everything, but sources say that as soon as Soderbergh got his hands on the script, he fell in love with the premise.

Variety previously reported that Matt Damon would co-star in the movie, but a Twitter account that they claim belongs to Soderbergh (although it is not verified) tweeted to refute them:

Since his last feature film in 2013, Soderbergh has lest the big screen behind to focus on honing his TV skills with shows such as The Knick.

Soderbergh on the set of The Knick
Soderbergh on the set of The Knick

Tatum and Soderbergh have a long professional relationship having worked together on Haywire, Magic Mike and Side Effects.

While he was once known simply as teen movie fodder, it should be no surprise that Tatum is the star who could have convinced Soderbergh out of (semi) hiding thanks to his sky rocketing profile.

Going from She's the Man to being directed by Tarantino and the Coen brothers is no mean feat and Chan is finally being recognised for the awesome actor that he really is.

Do you think Soderbergh and Tatum are a good team?

(Source: Variety)


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