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Earlier this week Kevin Smith's 16-year-old daughter Harley Quinn was almost kidnapped by two men posing as Uber drivers, and has taken to Instagram to issue words of warning to others.

The terrifying experience occurred while the young Yoga Hosers actress was waiting for her Uber taxi in Brentwood, CA. An unmarked car pulled up to the curb and tried to persuade her to get inside. She captions,

"PEOPLE OF LOS ANGELES- I was just standing outside a Starbucks in Brentwood, where I was waiting for my uber when a large, beige car drove up to me and tried to get me to think they were my uber."

In what could have been a potential kidnapping situation, Harley Quinn kept her cool. Clearly, and thankfully, Kevin Smith has taught her a thing or two about street smarts. Rather than trustingly hopping in the back of the car, as many 16-year-olds would, she demanded to see some I.D:

"There were two white men (age 20-30) in the driver (blonde hair) and passenger (brown hair) seat with an uber sign on their front window, but they were most definitely not uber drivers. When I asked who they were there to pick up, making sure it was the right car, they wouldn't answer me and said to get in the car. They didn't have the uber app on their phone and were clearly just two disgusting dudes trying to kidnap a girl standing on her own."

Clearly these two men who're apparently cruising the city for naive, underaged girls, failed to realize they were targeting the daughter of one of Hollywood's most famous directors, and that she has a 64,000 following on Instagram alone.

Alongside the description of the incident, Harley has issued a warning for young women to be savvy when ordering and carelessly jumping into taxi's without thinking. And, if you're unfortunate enough to ever experience a similar situation, let the police know immediately.

"Protect yourself and never ever get in a car without checking that it's the correct car first!!! I was in too much haze of fear that I wasn't thinking straight enough to think to take a picture of the drivers or the license plate, but if you see a car like this PLEASE report it to the police and stop them from trying to pray on other young girls!!! We have already reported it to the police, but more information would be helpful in finding them. Be careful and look out for yourself/others!!!!"

Here's the post:

Soon after the incident, she posted a picture of a cake iced with 'Sorry Men Suck,' given to her by her dad, and captioned:

"just when I was about to lose faith in humanity after almost being kidnapped today, my dad got me this cake and made me remember that some people, like himself, make the world a lot better :)"

Perhaps next time Harley Quinn needs to catch a taxi alone, she should take her original Harley Quinn Suicide Squad baseball bat with her. Because, let's be honest, you'd have to be mad to fuck with her then.

Never (!) get into a car without checking it's the correct one first.

Source: Instagram, Just Jared


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