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As a massive fan of The Walking Dead, one of the main things that keeps me interested is the fact that your favorite characters could be killed off at any time. Watching the show with a group of friends has often resulted in one of us shouting "yep, they're dead, they're definitely dead," only for that character to be miraculously rescued, while another is unexpectedly taken away.

As it turns out Walking Dead fan, Mark Kirk, had a very similar experience while watching the show with his wife Erin, and now Mark has transformed the idea of making "death picks" into a website called Walking Death Pool.

What is Walking Death Pool?

Walking Death Pool
Walking Death Pool

The concept of the website is simple really, much like how Mark and Erin would choose which character they thought would die next, and compete against each other, Walking Death Pool allows fans to sign up and "create and compete in pools for the entire season, half season and episode by episode." Cool, right?

What am I playing for?

The current open pools open on Walking Death Pool
The current open pools open on Walking Death Pool

The website has been around since just before the beginning of Season 6, but coming into the second half of Season 6 the stakes have officially been raised. Aside from just playing for bragging rights and eternal glory (which in itself is a pretty sweet prize), you could also be in the draw to win a Walking Death Pool branded Apple Watch. Sorry Hershel and Glenn, but you gotta admit that's a little more flash than your pocket watch,

How long have I got to join?

You reckon you have a pretty good shot of correctly picking all the details of a character death, do you? Well the website is currently open for those wanting to place bets on Season 6b, but get in quick because the pool will close a few days before the mid-season finale airs on February 14th. Click here to head to the website to find out more.

So, with all that in mind, I guess there's only one question:

Who do you think will die in Season 6b of 'The Walking Dead'?

Source: Walking Dead Pool


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