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Anyone who has been through the pride denting experience of toiling over something for hours, then shared their confusion with someone else only to have that person solve said issue immediately, will be able to sympathize with the frustrating situation Channing Tatum found himself in recently.

For his upcoming role in the new Coen brothers movie Hail, Caesar!, Tatum had to dust off his Magic Mike dancing shoes and learn how to tap dance (a fantastic mental image, right?), and that, it probably goes without saying, did not come naturally.

After months of practicing, he turned to show wife Jenna Dewan, professional dancer and Step Up co-star, his new moves...only for her to pick it up instantly.

“It’s really frustrating when you’ve been working on something for like two months and then you show it to your wife and she can do it from like an iPhone video the first time she watches it."

Thankfully Tatum isn't the type if guy to sit seething in a humiliated sulk, and moved on from his embarrassment fairly quickly, saying:

“Once you get past the humiliation, it’s kind of nice because “you have a coach at home.”

Watch the trailer for 'Hail, Caesar!' below:

Have you ever suffered through a similarly humiliating experience?

Source: Yahoo


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