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This week saw us rock up to iZombie's eleventh episode in the second season and as usual, things got pretty serious. So naturally let's get to it and dissect all the action – be warned though, there are major spoilers up ahead!

1. Grace is rushed to hospital

Following her dramatic collapse at work, Grace is rushed to hospital where she dies. Unable to work out what might have caused the tragedy, her body is sent to Ravi and Liv who come to the conclusion that she might have been poisoned by the toxic water hemlock plant. They decide to question her husband Andy as a potential suspect.

2. What has Andy got to say?

Arriving at Grace's home, they find that Andy is disabled and confined to a wheelchair. As Clive questions Grace's husband, Liv starts to feel the effects of the brain, making her fantasize about making out with his hot caregiver. Andy relays the information that he was never in the possession of any hemlock and that the only enemy his wife had was her co-worker, Muriel. Visiting the latter, the team are made to listen to Grace's audiobook 'The Upright Position,' narrated by none other than Kristen Bell!

3. Lusty Liv goes into full force!

Finally, Grace's brain hits Liv hard and she starts slapping Ravi's ass, as well as hitting on Drake. She also agrees to supply him with brains as long as he lets her get to 'know' him better – wink, wink. She invites him over to dinner but before they step into the bedroom, she stops herself because she realizes she's fed him some brains. Meanwhile, Peyton fails to show a similar sense of restraint and gets it on with Blaine. Oops!

4. Revelations that Muriel was also working on Grace's book

And guess what? There's a excerpt about sprinkling some hemlock on a salad! The police storm Muriel's place, finding a bit of the poisonous plant that failed to be destroyed – Andy is swiftly arrested for murder, unsurprisingly really because it's not like anyone else could have killed her. The motive? He and Grace hadn't had sex for five years. Bit harsh.

5. Clive focuses on his other cases

Although Liv has done her part for the day, Clive still has two cases to focus on – the Meat Cute murders and the Chaos Killer. In the latter, Bozzio discovers that the owner's dog is micro-chipped. Yet Major realizes that the FBI are tracking it too and manages to remove it just in time, leaving the poor pup on his own on a bus. *Sob*

Learning Blaine's real name, Bozzio and Clive bring his dad in for questioning but don't get very far. Peyton interrupts the interview arguing that Blaine has immunity, but before she lets him go, Clive explains the crimes he is suspected of. Shocked, Peyton asks Liv is she knows Blaine and finding out about their night of passion, she leaves, saying:

"You know, you sleep with someone you think you know, but they could be anybody."

And guess who's lying in Liv's bed? Drake!

Get a glimpse of what happens next in the next episode promo below:

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