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For everyone involved, Destiny is a lot of work. Whether you're mining for hours on end for the right materials to upgrade your gear, battle it out in countless raids in order to perform better in every facet of the game, or even if you're developing it, this online FPS takes a lot out of you - and we really shouldn't forget the stress that Bungie is under.

It seemed like a fact that Destiny 2 was to receive its release date for the XBOX One and PS4 in September of 2016 (possibly for the Xbox 360 and PS3 too but shouldn't Activision stop supporting these consoles?). However, recent news has indicated that Destiny 2 has been delayed. This report came 2 weeks before the departure of Bungie's CEO under suspiciously quiet circumstances. Is this situation worth prolonging?

Destiny 2 & Beyond - 10 Years Of Bungie's Destiny


Before Destiny was even released and came in contact with its average-to-low review scores, Activision announced that they'd proudly be supporting Bungie's new IP for 10 years. That's a massive commitment to an IP that you haven't even released yet! But of course, Destiny went on to sell very well and break a few records along the way, so we can imagine that this 10-year plan is still on the cards.

However, is this really a franchise that deserves such a prolonged lifespan? Is it worth developing this game for so long when it's clear that Bungie are under strain? And is the gameplay of this series actually worth expanding upon?


You've probably heard some of the peculiar stories that surround the development of Destiny, like how the narrative was completely cut close to a year before the game's launch. This event resulted in a lot of the lore being subsequently pushed into what we now know as the horrid Grimoire cards. We then saw Bungie's glorious composer, Marty O'Donnell fired in April of 2014, for which he ultimately sued the company for (and won).

Next u,p we hear of how Bungie were extremely stressed under the weight of Activision's demands to release three expansion packs within Destiny's first year. This was then fought against for the second year, so that's why we're only getting Destiny 2 in 2016 as opposed to lots of little expansions. But now we hear of Destiny 2's release date delay, followed by the departure of Bungie's CEO (who's been with them for over 15 years), which no one gave a reason for.

Destiny: The Taken King
Destiny: The Taken King

But aside from all of the controversy and apparent heartache, we're still left with a game that hasn't exactly wowed everyone in the gaming community. Destiny is a fun FPS, but it's bogged down by a lot of very strange and time-consuming mechanics. Even though I've played a lot of The Taken King (which I do actually like) I can't see how Destiny could become a 10-year spanning franchise.

How good will Destiny 2 have to be in order to keep us interested? What do you think about the state of this online shooter? Let us know in the comments!


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