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Taron Egerton stunned in his role as Eggsy in Kingsman: The Secret Service. Egerton, a relatively unknown, turned heads in his edgy-yet-suave role of the gentleman spy. His latest gig as the title character in Eddie The Eagle proves his versatility. I laughed (a lot), cried (a little), and was inspired by the story of Eddie Edwards, a persevering Olympic ski-jumping hopeful and his trials to make it to the 1988 Winter Olympics. The fact that the movie is based on the real story of Eddie Edwards is what makes it that much more magical. Here are a few ways that Eggsy and Eddie are similar!

****Potential spoilers for 'Kingsman' as well as 'Eddie The Eagle' below****

Humble Beginnings

Having lost his father at a young age, Eggsy grows up in less than ideal circumstances. His mother is with an abusive man, he gets into trouble with the law and seems to be going nowhere slowly because, in his own defense, he didn't grow up with a "silver spoon."

Eddie Edwards has his own set of issues to contend with. He has knee problems and is forced to wear leg braces when he is young. He is definitely different, to say the least. This does not stop him from trying any sport he can think of (and breaking numerous pairs of glasses in the process) before finding his niche: skiing.

The Mentor

Colin Firth plays Eggsy's mentor Galahad, who is a Kingsman and knew Eggsy's father when he too was a Kingsman. Galahad sees potential in Eggsy, though no-one else does. He is Eggsy's inspiration and the father-figure he lost as a child. Galahad's belief in Eggsy is what pushes him to do the right thing when the Kingsmen are compromised by evil tech billionaire Richmond Valentine's microchip implantations.

Though Eddie had both his parents, his father isn't exactly supportive of his son's aspirations. Eddie's dad thinks his son's Olympic dreams are a waste of time and money. This leaves it up to ex-Olympian Bronson Peary (Hugh Jackman). When the odds are stacked against Eddie, Peary teaches the ski-jump hopeful his own secret technique to push Eddie past the qualifying mark and make it to the 1988 Winter Olympics.


The phrase "haters gonna hate" is so applicable and necessary to the classic underdog story, and Eggsy gets a ton of hate from other characters in Kingsman. Indeed, the other Kingsman recruits feel so superior to Eggsy that they play tricks on him and tease him throughout their training. However, they soon learn that it takes more than knowledge and skill to be a Kingsman; it also takes heart and loyalty, two qualities Eggsy has a bellyful of.

Eddie's eccentric personality doesn't exactly fit in with any of the other ski jumpers throughout the movie, who make fun of him for his quirky looks and attitude, not to mention the fact that most fledgling ski jumpers start to pursue the sport at age six, and Eddie is 22 years old. At the Olympics he also becomes a joke, since his mediocre jump is a British record (the country hadn't had any ski jumpers before him) and his celebration is a little OTT. So how do you shut the haters up? Attempt an extremely dangerous jump that could kill you and that you've never done before. AT THE OLYMPICS!


It is through fearlessness that both of these characters prove everyone wrong. In Eggsy's case, it's taking on the role of a Kingsman, though he was beaten in training by Roxy. He takes down Valentine and his evil plot to cause a mass extinction.

Eddie literally takes a leap of faith when he makes the decision to compete in the 90-meter jump, which could very easily kill him. His accident at a lower level landed him in the hospital, so he is aware of the risks. Not only does he jump, but he also lands it, propelling him into the hearts of spectators as well as giving him another British Olympic record.

What Do You Think?

Suave and badass or quirky and determined, Taron Egerton has proven himself a versatile actor in these two similar yet opposite roles. Furthermore, Eddie The Eagle is a great movie that will leave you laughing and inspired at the same time, a feat not easily executed.

To read more about Eddie's real story, check out the link here. Eddie The Eagle comes to theaters February 26. Be sure to check it out!


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