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An anonymous caller who phoned in a bomb threat to Manitowoc County Sheriff's Office reportedly referred to the Making a Murderer documentary when they made their threats.

The documentary focused on possible police corruption inside the small town sheriff's office, and criticism of how the department handled the investigation of Teresa Halbach's murder in 2005 has enraged the general public.

Protesters campaigning for Steven Avery
Protesters campaigning for Steven Avery

According to Manitowoc police, the caller referenced getting "justice for Steven," probably in reference to Steven Avery, who has been sentenced to life in jail for Teresa's murder:

After the threat, the Manitowoc County Sheriff's Office and nearby buildings were evacuated, but a search of the scene with explosive detecting dogs did not find a device. The all clear was given to return to the area shortly after 9 p.m.

Manitowoc Police Department has urged anyone with information related to the incident to call them and they have pledged to protect their anonymity.

Do you think the Manitowoc Sheriff's Office is corrupt?

(Source: USA Today)


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