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In every fandom there are theories, and with these theories come heart break. Some are just plain out of this world, while others make so much sense it's scary. For myself, the ones in this article hit very close to home. All of these ideas have been debunked, but when I first heard them it shattered my childhood.


There are tons of ideas that fans made up for Harry Potter. While some have turned out to be true, this is one no true Potterhead wants to be canon. The theory is that it's all a dream/fantasy that Harry made up. At the end of the books he wakes up from this magical dream, back in the cupboard under the stairs. Now he is back to a life of mental abuse and bullying by his Aunt Petunia, Uncle Vernon, and Cousin Dudley. Hogwarts never existed and he's doomed to a horrible and ordinary life.

2. Ed, Edd, and Eddy

The kids of the cul-de-sac were always up to something, but what if they weren't actually there? What if they were ghosts trapped in purgatory? That's exactly what this theory discusses. The children of the Cul-de-sac are said to come from different time periods ranging from the early 1900s to the early 2000s.

Rolf was the first. He moved there in 1900 with his family to farm the land. He died in a stampede in 1903. Johnny 2×4 was next and was a lonely kid with no friends. He made Plank and took him to the afterlife in 1922, when Johnny died of tuberculosis. After that came Eddy, who was originally from New York. His scamming eventually got him killed. He was chased by neighbor kids to a lake where he jumped in and drowned.

Ed and Sarah moved in afterwards when WWII ended. Sarah was bossy to make up for their distant mother and now dead father, while Ed hid in the world of comic books. They died in a freak car accident in 1953. Naz was a flower child who was a flirtatious young lady. She was murdered by a serial killer who had escaped from a local asylum in 1979.

Edd (aka Double D) was an 80s child who loved science. His parents were very strict and always wanted him to be clean. He died from a gas leak from his bunsen burner that caused an explosion. Kevin was born that day to a horrible life. His father was abusive and ended up killing him. He imagined his father the opposite in the afterlife making him shower him with gifts.

Jimmy was the last child to enter the purgatory. He was a frail child who had cancer. Eventually, he succumbed to it and finished the purgatory. The Kankers were demons who tormented the children who didn't cross over to Heaven. This theory makes sense because there are no adults and none of the kids have normal skin color or tongue colors.


At the end of the movie Alfredo is in Paris. He is at a cafe and as he is leaving it happens. His dream comes true. Across the way he passes by Bruce Wayne. They don't speak and they go their separate ways.

This isn't real! Alfred, still grieving and over come with guilt, still sees an illusion. He wants to see Batman alive and well. So when he sees a man similar to him all he can see is Bruce. Obviously, in Alfred's hopes that he told Bruce about they never spoke or anything, so when the stranger doesn't approach him it fits in his mind.

These three theories really shook me up emotionally when i first read them. They made me think outside the box of what I was seeing compared to what could be happening. I never saw the movies or show the same again.


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