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For many people it could be easy to say that there was nothing good to be taken from Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace, but even the most stalwart of Star Wars fans has to leave a little space in their heart for the pod race sequence. Man, that was awesome!

Well, if you're a fan of pod racing and Halo 5, one exceedingly talented Forge expert has crafted working pod racers and a map based on the epic scene for the Xbox One shooter. And it is glorious!

Created by "CaptainDireWolf," the Boonta Eve Halo 5 map is basically a very sandy and intricate race track. Its pods are actually retconned Ghosts, fitted out in the iconic garb of Episode I's racers by exploiting Forge's welding system.

Here's the map in action thanks to YouTubers The Epidemic:

What's even better about this is if you happen to die or your pod is destroyed, you can always run around the map shooting at other drivers, because the game respawns you back in the stands.

Better than the N64's Star Wars Episode I: Racer?

(Source: YouTube)


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