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Back in October of last year, Playboy announced that they were making some major changes to their landmark magazine. In a move to reach a younger audience (read: millennials), Playboy is leaving behind the nude photography that made it a household name.

This prompted all kinds of responses from readers and non-readers alike, but no amount of criticism was going to derail Hugh Hefner's empire from trying to make gains with a new generation.

Now, the first cover of this "nudeless" Playboy has been revealed, and it's definitely got a nod to its target demographic.

Say hello to Playboy for a new generation

Yep, that's the unmistakable Snapchat caption, making this look more like a Nylon or i-D cover rather than the established lifestyle magazine that famously aimed for men "between the ages of 18 and 80."

Playboy is definitely taking a gamble by banking on a smaller group, but with tenacity like Hugh Hefner's, it's hard not to bet on them.


Do you think this is a good direction for Playboy?


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