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As it stands right now.Marvel is currently dominating the Box Office, while DC Comics is dominating the Nielsen ratings. They both know their strengths, and it's assumed that they know their weaknesses also.

What a great world it would be for all fans if they concentrated on what they do best, instead of spending their time trying to dominate each other on all parts of the entertainment world. Yes, I know there are DC fans out there that would want to see their favorite character on the movie screen and there are also Marvel fans that want to watch the movies connect to a weekly TV show.

Let's consider this fact (yes, it's my opinion) and something that is widely agreed upon. Other than their Netflix hit series (which shouldn't be considered as a TV Show seeing that it's a 13 hour movie than a show) Marvel has yet to provide it's fan base with a show that is as engaging as Arrow, The Flash, Smallville or even Supergirl. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is starting to get it together with their Inhumans angle and the revelation of Hydra controlling S.H.I.E.L.D., but after two and a half season, we are still saying they are getting it together. Agent Carter had a good run in its short season, and the jury is currently still out on this years season. DC Comics is pretty much running away with the TV show category.

In theaters however, DC Comics is getting the short end of the stick, other than the Nolan's Batman Trilogy, there has not been anything else worthy of a sequel. Even "Man of Steel" had it's question marks, until they went the route of conveniently recreating Batman and introducing him in what is supposed to be a "Man of Steel" sequel. "Green Lantern" crashed and burned right off the gate. "Superman Returns" also tripped up the gate and wasn't able to get up, up and away. "Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice" like I stated in THIS POST, is going to be the movie that defines the DC Cinematic Universe.

In my opinion, if Marvel was to focus solely on their cinematic and Netflix series universe, and then DC focused on their TV shows while connecting them as they are now, we would ALL WIN! Disappointment would be few and very far between. Of course, this is predicated on BVS not performing to the levels we expect, but if it does, then the conversation will change at that point.

Should these super powers focus on what they do best?
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