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To start this film looked absolutely stunning, filmed in all natural lighting, this film is breath taking. Alejandron Inarritu has once again done a fantastic job. in the opening scene he makes his audience feel as if they are in this world. He made me feel cold the whole time! Even in its slow moments the Revenant kept me intrigued simply on the fact that it looked amazing!

As far as performances go Tom Hardy didn't growl his way through another movie (Mad Max), he did a great job and his accent was very believable. Will Poulter although hasn't been in to many good movies as of late, his best being in We are the Millers, killed it with this performance. He is plays on his emotions making you feel pretty sorry for the guy the whole way through imagining the amount of guilt he feels after being forced to do some of the things his character has to do. None of which can even come close to the amount of pain Hugh Glass (Leonardo DeCaprio) endures. Leo does a remarkable job, if he won the Oscar i would not be surprised although with the lack of dialogue he had I cant say the performance surpasses that of Michael Fassbender in Steve Jobs, as badly as i want to see him win, I'm just not sure. All together the cast did a fantastic job.

As I said previously the cinematography was the strongest part of this fim. all of the amazing shots they got without using studio lights or filters. One scene that stood out to me a lot was when Hugh is at the top of a mountain and the reflection of the sun on the lens wasn't edited out, i felt as if i was the one holding the camera. Everything about the way they filmed this was remarkable.

The cons this movie has, in my opinion, would be the length of the film. It felt like it dragged on a little bit, but as i said before in those dragging moments were so beautifully filmed. other than that this film was gorgeous, and i had a great experience feeling as if i was right there with Hugh Glass treaking through the wilderness.

In closing over all I loved this film and other than some nit picking and what not, there was very little wrong with this film. Go see how beautiful this film is it is a must see!!


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