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If you were a fan of alliteration and time-traveling children in the '90s, chances are you stumbled upon Mary Pope Osborne's Magic Tree House series. It followed two normal children named Jack and Annie who discover a tree house full of magical books that transport across time and space.

These were defining books of my childhood, and now, they're finally coming to the big screen.

Lionsgate is adapting the fantastical books for multiple live-action movies

via Random House
via Random House

There are 54 books from which the studio can draw inspiration, all set in a different historical period or fictional land. Some of my favorites include Pompeii (Vacation Under the Volcano), the Titanic (Tonight on the Titanic), and ancient Australia (Dingoes at Dinnertime).

In the first 28 books of the series, Jack and Annie get there adventure assignments from Morgan Le Fey to free her from a spell. Along the way, they also must solve four ancient riddles to become Master Librarians and save four ancient stories from being lost forever. The rest of the series sees Merlin in the leadership role, but, for pure selfish nostalgia, I'm hoping they stick with the early books.

Based on Lionsgate's incredible success with the Young Adult genre (The Hunger Games and Divergent series), adapting a children's book series could mean big business and a whole lot of fun.


Will you see 'Magic Tree House' movies?

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