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The Internet was set ablaze a few weeks ago when it was revealed that The Flash is primed to make an appearance on CBS's Supergirl. "Shared universes" people claimed!

The truth is, TV has been doing that for years. Take a look at some spinoffs that graced the good ol' small screen from years gone by.

1. The Simpsons X Futurama

Two of Matt Groening's creations came together when The Simpsons met up with the cast of Futurama. The Season 26 episode, creatively titled 'Simpsorama', combined both universes as Fry, Leela and Bender arrived in Springfield to kill Homer!

But it gets even weirder...

2. The Simpsons X Family Guy

Complete with a fight scene that gets hilariously awkward as it rages on, Springfield was in for a surprise when the cast of Family Guy rolled through town.

As a BONUS, does anybody remember the time the Simpsons crossed over with The X-Files? "Like Urkel!"

3. CSI: Trilogy

There was a time when the CSI franchise were some of the biggest television shows on the planet. The original three (departed) shows, that are CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, CSI: Miami and CSI: NY, teamed up to solve a massive super-crime that crossed three police forces and multiple state lines.

"I'm binging on JUSTICE!"

Speaking of Justice...

4. Static Shock X Batman

The Season 2 opener of Static Shock saw the gang team up with Batman and Robin to take down the Joker and Harley Quinn, even Poison Ivy came along for the ride. The episode saw a dramatic unmasking of both heroes and alter egos meeting in real life.

If you thought things got weird when Virgil Hawkins teamed up with Bruce Wayne, then...

5. Static Shock X Batman Beyond

...then you can consider teaming up with Terry McGuinness as "beyond" weird!

6. Crossovers Abound In Chicago

The shows Chicago Fire, Chicago P.D. and Chicago Med has crossed over so many times, you'd start to wonder if they are all part of the same show! Every so often, Law and Order: SVU makes an appearance like that long lost relative that usually leaves to go "find himself."

Any way you slice it, the Supergirl/Flash crossover is going to be EPIC!


Which Crossover Is Your Favorite?


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