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This isn't a democracy anymore, there's us and the dead.

Before I started the pilot of this series, I had read none of the comics, and read no summary of the show whatsoever. All I knew was that it was a show about zombies and survivng the apocolypse. However, this is not what this show is about. This show is about keeping your humanity and sense of civilization in a world that pushes you to the limit. This is the world of The Walking Dead that I am now a huge fan of, so let me tell you why.


The show follows the story of Officer Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) who was put in a coma after being in a shootout with runaway criminals. He woke up in a world ruled by the dead, with no government, no TV, no electricity, no running water, and no law. As he orients himself into the new enviornment, he searches for his family, and a new purpose. He meets other survivors, good and bad, who try to help him or kill him on his mission for survival.


The show is able to take a concept as melodramatic and as gory as zombies, and transfer it into a story with character development, tragic situations, plot twists, and awsome violence without "jumping the shark." Which is a common mishap we see in many zombie movies (sorry World War Z). As the show progresses, you begin to care more and more about the characters and will be more sad when they undergoe challenges or even die. Something this show did that a lot of book-TV-movie adaptations don't do for me, is that it made me start reading the comics.


As good as this show is, there are some flaws. One, is that it can get a little repetitive as it seems that they are constantly moving from one place to another, staying there, getting attacked, leaving, repeat. Also, the show intorduces many characters and kills them off quickly, which is confusing for us and inconvenient for the actors in the show. It is especially annoying when a good character is killed, and a bad character is left alive. Sounds like another show I know, (I'm talking about you Game of Thrones).


The Walking Dead is an exciting experience that will keep you waiting in agony for the next episode. I love this show, its emotional weight, its cool characters, and its awsome bloody gore. Even though it can be repetitive and times, I think that everyone has a chance to love this show.

In a world ruled by the dead, we are finally forced to start living.

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