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Let's talk Force ghosts. There's one scene in The Force Awakens that has been bugging me since the first viewing and subsequent viewings haven't made it go away. The scene I'm talking about is when Kylo Ren is talking to Vader's helmet.

Specifically when he says "Show me again the power of the darkness" (emphasis mine). To me this implies at some point Anakin showed Kylo (and my guess is that he was still Ben at the time) the dangers of the Darkside, but instead of heeding his grandfather's warning, he's further attracted to it. If that's the case why can't Kylo commune with him anymore?

Image courtesy of Lucasfilms
Image courtesy of Lucasfilms

My guess is that being a Force ghost isn't a one way street. We know Leia is force-sensitive, but she doesn't seem to see what Luke sees at the end of Return of the Jedi. Is it because you have to be somewhat along in your training to see them? Is it exclusively a light-side thing?

I'm going to assume it is yes to both, it would explain why Rey only hears the voices of the old masters faintly in her vision, and why Kylo Ren seems to be unable to contact Anakin anymore. If this isn't the case, you'd assume Anakin would be appearing to Kylo to talk him out of the path he's traveling, or at the very least Yoda and Obi-Wan would have made a visit to Leia and Rey and just tell them where Luke was hiding out.

Now that the old canon is no more, it would be great if we get more clarity on just exactly what Force ghosts can or can't do, since in Empire Obi-Wan made it clear to Luke he wouldn't be able to help him if he went to Cloud City against his advice, there's obviously limitations.

What do folks think? What role should or shouldn't Force ghosts have in the remaining sequel films?


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