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After watching a screening of Eddie the Eagle I started thinking about Hugh Jackman's comedic performances. After seven films portraying Wolverine, it is easy to forget that Hugh is actually a really funny dude who is as comfortable mocking himself as he is slicing bad guys in half.

This clip from The Graham Norton Show perfectly illustrates how laid back and funny he is when he isn't playing a morose mutant.

I understand that Jackman's Wolverine has funny moments but they are also shrouded in a whole lot of crankiness. His biggest laugh in the X-Men series comes about in a perfect line involving the spectacular placement of the one "F" word allowed in the PG-13 X Men: First Class.

In honor of Eddie the Eagle I wanted to share five moments of Hugh Jackman comedy gold. The guy is hilarious and these clips will prove it. Don't worry, I won't mention that movie with the number "43" in it.

1. He gets that Wolverine will forever be associated with him and he has fun lampooning the role.

There is a really funny moment in Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb when "Huge Act-man" goes full Wolverine when confronted by Sir Lancelot (Dan Stevens). The problem is Lancelot has no clue what a "wolverine" is and Jackman looks silly in Shakespearean garb. The pose and threat don't work and everyone agrees that it looks better with "the claws and no shirt."

I love that Hugh has fun with his Wolverine role and isn't afraid to make a joke at his expense.

2. His performance in Eddie the Eagle is heartfelt and hilarious

I love how Hugh adds levity to an inspirational monologue. His performance in Eddie the Eagle is a tricky one. He has to play a gruff drunk who is ultimately redeemable. However, he imbues the role with humor and almost everything that comes out of his mouth is pure gold. You will love him in this movie.

3. He has a great cameo in Me and Earl and the Dying Girl

I love the movie Me and Earl and the Dying Girl and was surprised when a photograph of Hugh Jackman's Wolverine gives an inspirational speech (you gotta see the movie). You can see him in the upper right side of the photo.

The voice cameo was unexpected, funny and awesome. Hugh Jackman actually loved the movie so much he crashed the New York premiere so he could introduce the film.

4. His performance in Kate & Leopold was fantastic and incredibly random

This is a weird example but I love the idea of a time traveling Hugh Jackman refusing to continue filming a commercial because he doesn't like the taste of the butter he is advertising. It is an odd moment in Kate & Leopold but Jackman sells it wonderfully. I could listen to him calling things "pond scum" all day and this role is totally different from anything he has ever done.

I have an interesting fact for you. In Kate & Leopold he refused to peddle butter and in 2011 he worked as a butter sculptor in the film Butter! Mind blown!

5. The guy can sing and has no problem covering Katy Perry

Hugh Jackman's Instagram account is loaded with fun pictures and videos. I think the best post is his Dubsmash of Katy Perry's Teenage Dream. It is random, fun and totally Hugh Jackman. It proves he can sing on Broadway and in his car. They should've added the song to Les Miserables (not really...but imagine it). It is hard to believe that this is the same guy who angrily crushes folks in the X-Men films.

There you have it! Hugh Jackman is awesome. There is more to him than a pair of claws and I can't wait to see what he does next, but in the meantime, check him out when Eddie The Eagle hits theaters on February 26th!


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