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Today the geek world has flipped out over this brand spanking new image of the CW's popular "Arrow" character Felicity Smoak finally finishing her transition into a man. Over the past four seasons, fans of the series have slowly watched as Emily Rickards' computer hacker made the powerful, life-changing decision and began the process of becoming a man. This sub-plot has been an important counterpoint to the basic, everyday super hero drama of Oliver Queen and his group of alt-rock musicians.

The new image, appearing suddenly and listed as from "Ghostbusters" in order to throw off wankers, shows Smoak at her iconic place in the "Arrow" headquarters behind a computer, pointing at something she just noticed she wants right off screen, probably Thea. I hope she wants Thea. Yeah, Thea and Felicity helping each other slowly take off their clothes while kissing each other deeply, passionately, the League of Assassins watching and waiting to join.

I'll be back after a quick break. Okay, I'm back, I had to, uh, take care of some business.

There's been no word yet how Smoak's inability to walk will affect her new manly-bits. We all hope they are in top working order, as does the bisexual Oliver.

"The bow and arrow is symbolic of my sexuality."
"The bow and arrow is symbolic of my sexuality."

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