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I am not sure if most of the Batman fan community, would agree with me on this one. But I would like to see a Batman film that would end the Bruce Wayne legacy. The impact it would have on the series to me would be epic and emotional on an entirely new level. It would also be refreshing and I for one like it when huge tragedies, that most studios would be afraid to try, happen in trilogy films. I know it has been explored in the comics with Mr. Wayne always coming back. But I would like to see this happen and watch for the first time a new person put on the cowl. Who you may ask?

There has been story arcs where Dick Grayson took over the Batman role for awhile but I for one didn't like that idea but it worked. In my idea, this would be a older Batman like we are thankfully getting in Batman v Superman! And Bruce's son, Damian Wayne, would be old enough handle taking on the role of our new Batman.

I would pull certain aspects from the HUSH story arcs, The Black Mirror and Death of the Family. My idea of the cast would be as follows. Keep in mind that most of the characters are going to be older than what we are use to seeing in the comics. Also this would have to be a whole new universe than what we are going to be getting. I will be honest that I wasn't on the Batfleck train when I first heard the announcement. But once I realized the direction Zack Snyder was taking it and what his vision was going to be, I quickly hopped on board and man oh man am I excited for this version of the Batman! Just hope they knock it out of the park!

But anyway, the casting list for my silly idea.

My choice for Batman and Bruce Wayne is Liev Schreiber. He is an amazing actor and has the roughness to pull off a similar version of the Batman from the Frank Miller comics. Liev could also sale the role of a hard nose father. Have you seen Ray Donovan?! Amazing show!

To play Damian Wayne is Taylor Lautner. He has really grown into an actor that I think could pull this role off, could get better as an actor but would still be the first choice. He is in amazing shape and the ladies love him. With him becoming the Batman and having to take his own journey as the man behind the cowl would lead to a nice trilogy of movies that could be very interesting to see. Possibly have some of the newer villains that we have seen in the New 52 . Endless possibilities!

Nightwing should have his appearance on the big screen. And James Franco could rock this character. No need to explain!

All of us crazy Batman fans are hoping to see Jason Todd, The Red Hood, in the upcoming The Batman solo film. It is a no brainer to go with that story arc for this older version of Batman. If this does not happen I will be very disappointed. So to no surprise I would put Red Hood in this movie. The whole context of him in the film would have to be ironed out but he would have to be in it. It's time for Red Hood to be on the big screen. Jake Gyllenhaal would be amazing for this role in my opinion.

Bill Nighy would be an awesome Alfred Pennyworth! From his signature voice right down to his amazing acting, he would own this role.

Ah idea of James Gordon played by Jeff Bridges. Just the idea of Mr. Bridges being in a DC film as Commissioner Gordon gives me goosebumps! I mentioned taking ideas from Black Mirror for this film, and if you have read The Black Mirror then you know Jeff is perfect for this version of Gordon. I won't spoil anything for those who have not read this story arc but for those who have...can you see Jeff playing this role...again goosebumps.

Now I know some are seeing Lou Taylor Pucci and probably saying "He must have lost his mind!". But I feel he can handle this role as James Gordon jr and if you haven't seen Horsemen with Dennis Quad give it a look.

HUSH is soooo over due for the big screen! And Vincent Cassel is my pick for Thomas Elliot. If you haven't seen his films you are cheating yourself. Go check them out!

I am a big Crispin Glover fan, and not because of Back to the Future. He is an under rated actor and is a genius when it comes to mentally broken and damaged characters! I have always felt he would make one of the best Joker's if ever given the chance. Hell he could play many DC villains! I for one am hoping!

Fairuza Balk is older and would fit in this universe. She has always been my pick for Harley Quinn. To me she has the look and the craziness to pull it off!

Milla Jovovich as Catwoman. Must I say more?

Finally we have The Riddler played by Simon Pegg. He has proven he can act and can be funny! I think he could bring Edward Nigma's awkward character to life and not be too goofy with it. Although Cory Michael Smith is killing it on the Gotham TV show! Simon would have to be creative.

So there you have it. My little idea and casting choice for a new take on Batman. A direction DC and WB could go if this new universe goes crashing down in a blaze of glory. Ending one era and giving birth to a new one and not the Batman Beyond. Sorry I just never could get into that story arc. Thanks for taking your time to read this silly little blog.


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